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    Official 2008 Playoff Picks Game

    (1) Detroit 4-1 over (8) Nashville (2) San Jose 4-2 over (7) Calgary (3) Minnesota 4-2 over (6) Colorado (4) Anaheim 4-2 over (5) Dallas (1) Montreal 4-0 over (8) Boston (2) Pittsburgh 4-2 over (7) Ottawa (3) Washington 4-2 over (6) Philadelphia (4) New Jersey 4-3 over (5) New York Rangers
  2. Magus Relmyn

    Why Is Everyone Comiing Down So Hard On The Leafs?

    Oh yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs. How can you hate such a franchise? Well, here's one of several reasons: THEIR FANS!! Leaf fans are probably the most arrogant and unknowledgeable fans of any pro sports team around. They think the Leafs are God's gift to the NHL (and the rest of hockey for that matter), they have no insight to what they're saying (like these ridiculous trades they propose), and they live in the past (like their '93 and '99 campaigns), when, in reality, the Leafs are poorly ran team with not much of a future in sight.
  3. Magus Relmyn

    Flames sign Owen Nolan

    Personally, you guys should be thankful the Wings stayed away from Owen Nolan. He is quite clearly a shell of his former self (had 40 pts in 76 games and had only 56 PIMs), but if anybody can get the best out of Nolan, it is probably a team like Calgary and Mike Keenan.
  4. Magus Relmyn

    Smyth Signs with Colorado

    Well, actually, that's the whole point behind RFAs. You will only get a massive 'f*** You' from a GM if you send an offer sheet to someone and strongly overpay for them (ala Ryan Kesler), but if it was in the case of a Thomas Vanek or a Ray Emery, then it's fair game to send an offer sheet their way.
  5. Magus Relmyn

    Reports: Lindros remaining in Toronto

    Lindros is a meatbag, but $750K for half a season is tolerable I suppose.
  6. Magus Relmyn

    ? first day of trade " season "

    If you guys hate Robert Lang so much, you're really going to dislike Gaborik! He doesn't check, he doesn't play defense, and he doesn't hussle. He can just skate and skate fast. That's it.
  7. Magus Relmyn

    Spector: Turco may sign with Detroit this summer

    What about Jimmy Howard? Won't he be ready in another year or two?
  8. Magus Relmyn

    trade idea with edmonton

    The Oilers are not going to trade Raffi Torres. Give it up already.
  9. Magus Relmyn

    Wings trade rumor out of Boston.

    I'd do it. You guys need to ditch Lang and a big, physical d-man to replace Jiri.
  10. Magus Relmyn

    If we're gonna trade Legace then...

    Don't you guys have enough of those types of defenseman? Besides, he is still young and is Florida's most offensive defenseman. I know the Blues are struggling mightily, but why would they trade all they have on the blue line (yes, it's sad) for a goalie that is aging and to their (arguably) biggest rival? He's Andreas Lilja with more offense.
  11. Magus Relmyn

    Draper to Toronto For Allison?

    Jason Allison is a Robert Lang clone. Although he carries a lot more baggage than Lang (doesn't use his size, suspect skating, injury prone), I would not trade one of the best defensive forwards in the game who is probably the best penalty killer in hockey right now for him.
  12. Magus Relmyn

    luongo reportedly on the move

    Jimmy Howard was the second-rated goalie of the 2003 draft (behind Fleury). He dropped due to lack of need for a G. I would venture to say your guys' future in goal isn't looking too bad.
  13. Magus Relmyn

    Who to add on D?

    Salei, because he is one of Babs' ex-guys.
  14. Magus Relmyn

    Anaheim not done trading.....

    Indeed he has been, and Mike Babcock was quoted as calling him a younger form of Paul Kariya last season. I don't know if he's still going to be sticking by that sentiment, but we'll see.
  15. Magus Relmyn

    Anaheim not done trading.....

    Ruslan Salei would make a good fit in Detroit, but if you're going to give up Robert Lang for him, you better get a guy like Andy McDonald or a prospect like Tim Brent for him as well.