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  1. Bootland hopefully dats is on that list too
  2. have one DARRYL BOOTLAND hes a fighting machine, just give him a shot, he racks up the pim with his fighting, just look at his stats
  3. growing up i liked quebec, than they had to ruin that sweet team and send them to colorado, no i cant the team, lol now id say its calgary
  4. close between scouting and wallet but even with good scouts, you need the money to keep the players, so the wallet wins
  5. or "I was playing nhl 2005 on my ps2 and was offered this trade"
  6. id do it just so we dont have to hear anymore pavel datsyuk rumors
  7. Roberto Luongo is my favorite goalie in the nhl needless to say, if he gets traded to colorado, he will become my least favorite goalie
  8. BOTH oh, ok i guess ill take zetterberg
  9. these are pissing me off that sets some of them straight
  10. another trade thought up by a guy in his computer room that got overblown
  11. this was a chat room rumor blown out of proporsion, never happening
  12. You have to keep Bootland on the team
  13. its a three way race, why are the shock on the list anyway? who cares about the wnba
  14. i go to whalers games all the time, let me know if you go next year, i live in that area