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  1. He looks like he has lost complete confidence in himself
  2. Wings, You can do it!
  3. lol u should have just looked at him with a glare and say nothing.
  4. then why not backup!!!
  5. i here he is a free agent .. but i dont know to much detials about him so i cant really say if hes good or bad. we could get him for cheap though.
  6. srry nope....... but could this mean maybe they might wanna trade thorton away?
  7. i was reading an article in and it seem lindros is close to signing with boston.... well the leafs just keep getiing screwd!!!
  8. if we were to pick cujo or osgood id say osgood. though cujo is alot better, he doesnt get enough respect in detoit and he would be better off else where
  9. anyone anything new abou the wings!!!( like goalies)
  10. THIS BETTER NOT HAPPEN!!!! god what is up with ken holland and old people!!!!!!!
  11. if we have to choose defaintly thibault