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  1. meh whatever... I don't like it much unless he is allowed to fight and be disruptive which we haven't seen in years and years. Players like that come to the wings and get neutered not only by the coaching but the new style fan who can't stomach fighting and rough stuff. haha
  2. If he actually is allowed to do these things then I will be ok. But I hate losing scoring no matter what form it came in....
  3. Dude I don't know what I am anymore. hahahaha This season has turned me on my head. hahahaha I don't know what I want or what I need anymore.
  4. Well done Kenny!? We give away our best goal scorer for what in return exactly? Someone who will drop the gloves and what else? Have you noticed he has just about never played a full season? Yikes
  5. hahaha I miss this when we use to watch the streams hahaha Good one GMR
  6. Honestly I think we are lucky we got this for him. Rags must see something in him that we never did for all of those seasons.
  7. Oh man this sucks. =( DETROIT (WWJ) — Owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, Mike Ilitch, died on Friday afternoon at the age of 87 http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/02/10/mike-ilitch-dies-at-age-87/
  8. If it were up to me Ouellet would sit. No way you sit Sproul with the way he has been playing.
  9. Please don't go to OT and definitely please don't go to a shootout or we are doomed. haha
  10. Well hockey started back so thats what that really means..hahaha
  11. Wow Stamkos back to being a little jerk.
  12. It hasn't been bad at all. I like these guys so far.
  13. Man Hedman is such a big dude.
  14. I think Tampa is the closes thing to one to me. We really don't have one since we moved to me.