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  1. Please don't go to OT and definitely please don't go to a shootout or we are doomed. haha
  2. Well hockey started back so thats what that really means..hahaha
  3. Wow Stamkos back to being a little jerk.
  4. It hasn't been bad at all. I like these guys so far.
  5. Man Hedman is such a big dude.
  6. I think Tampa is the closes thing to one to me. We really don't have one since we moved to me.
  7. Howard who? =)
  8. vanek with his first goal as a wing...awesome
  9. I hope you are right.
  10. Gosh when I read our D-lines my stomach got real sick. I really don't know what to expect with this D this season.
  11. The End....
  12. So lets let him go for nothing....That was smart. GMR I remember watching the games with you...You always talked about how you would love to be in the box with Holland. You thought he was the cats meow. =) j/k
  13. Well when you wait until teams find out that you are up against it then yea no team is going to give you anything for them when all they have to do is wait until you have to waive them. How is our D doing since Lids left? Holland is an idiot who waits to long to make some moves for the future. He waits until its too late and then teams screw the wings and all Holland does is bend over and smile.
  14. AA just looks awesome. I love that guy. Just wish we could keep a big body like mantha up as well.
  15. What did he do wrong? How about letting someone like that go for free without even getting a 2nd...3rd of 4 rd out of him thats what. He could of gotten something. Holland is a joke period. He waits around too long to do anything until it's too late. He didn't see this coming? really?