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  1. dats13

    Wings grant tryout to Dan Cloutier

    I must say he could do very well with the red wings D in front of him. But not sure some people just suck...
  2. dats13

    strange news on winter classic

    is it strange that the pens won the winter classic. then later that year lost in the Stanley cup finals. the Red Wings won their winter classic then lost in in the finals this year. i just found it a little odd. could it be a curse?????
  3. dats13

    Dom Bashers Welcome!

    You know this wont be easy for me to say. But i was a osgood basher for a long time and never really liked dom. But i would love to see osgood back in the number one spot. He is playing too good right now to sit him and let him cool off. While dom is throwing games away. The guys play better it seems when doms on the bench. The prob. with all of this is there is no one out there that would take dom off our hands. I dont think unless we take a late draft pick they should have never brought him back. Its almost like the barry sanders thing with the lions but barry didnt come back and play for another team. That to me was a slap in the face but. I guess where pretty much stuck with him for now all we can do is hope he gets back to at least half of his talent.
  4. if it were me i would offer both yashin and lindros to a 1.5mil contract its better than nothing shoot even if big e goes down we have some good forwards in the minors to cover and for yashin he has never been on a team like the wings the wings dont look to one guy to do everything that could work for him and he might shock allot of people
  5. dats13


    what about Michal Handzus he is not that big but could be a cheap fit in
  6. dats13

    Free Agent Names to Look At

    i dont know i dont think it would be a bad idea getting him, him and val are really good friends they would be great together
  7. You know we are 1-3 in four games they out scored us 18 to 9 we have to have our big sticks in this one cause if we dont were in trouble thornton, Cheechoo and Marleau are great players and if they get hot it dont matter what we do i think we have a weak def right now were beat up in that end dom is gonna have to step it up in this one and at least split games 3 and 4 of course take 1 and 2 so with that said GO WINGS 12 more wins to go
  8. dats13

    Keep Hudler in the lineup

    'Viperar' put calder in, take sammy out i second that sammy needs to sit maybe it will put a fire under his ass
  9. dats13

    Get your creative juices flowin'!

    not a poem but you get it
  10. http://www.detroitredwings.com/wings/artic...cle.jsp?id=3417 just gotta bring food for the hungry and get in
  11. dats13

    Draper to Toronto For Allison?

    well well this is so funny that you were proven right last night against the blue jackets which i always new that he is like that its just funnier now later, dats>.
  12. dats13

    whose #1?

    really i was just saying they were up there dang bite my head off
  13. dats13

    whose #1?

    ozzie and manny where up at Joe & Lewie's Penalty Box in fenton the other night together so thats a good sign
  14. dats13

    What's This About Datsyuk To L.A.?

    cant get the link says there is something wrong with it