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  1. ....The "Crape-ezoid!"
  2. i'll wait for a Grigorinko---here is hoping it stays relevant for 10 years at least!!!!
  3. Wow, 2 threds for this???
  4. ....and Gretzky is going to un-retire and play goal for Toronto....
  5. Lids still has 5 years or more left and will likely elevate to top ten all time status, especially if the Wings take a cup with him as captain!
  6. seems smart to me
  7. The only next move needed is a #1 stopper.
  8. I'd rather see Patrick Roy wearing the "winged wheel" than crazy Eddie!
  9. If only Cujo was available within the cap. The Osgood/Lagace platoon worked from 98-00. Thibault certainly will want a tad of revenge against the Hawks. Speculation is fine but this cap SH#T gives me a headache!