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  2. I LMAO at you guys still hating on Sid... I mean he's a phenomenal hockey player, in all aspects, he hasn't been "whining" 1/8th as much as he did TWO years ago. He shows respect in how he plays and against others, and people should respect him for his uncanny effort and his uncanny approach to the game. He gets sooo much criticism from fans and even respected media... You think he's so ignorant that he doesn't realize the negative attention he gets? He get's it, and it motivates him. I respect everything about his game. I just haven't posted here in awhile. But with that said, I'm surprised how many people still hate Crosby. Yes, from 2005-2008 okay, but he has grown up, and still is growing up. So, does it matter that much whether or not he becomes captain or "wants" to become captain? No, IT'S A F**KING ALL STAR GAME!
  3. Considering Chicago is like my second team, I'd want them to win... But wouldn't fans in general want San Jose to win it all? So you could say "at least my team lost to the cup champs."
  4. The other brothers say that Jared has the best hands out of all of them, does it mean he's the best? No, but it counts for something.
  5. Hossa is a great all around player, but Kovalchuk's skill is exceptional. In fact, I'd put Kovalchuk on the same level as Malkin, right behind Crosby and Ovechkin... Maybe at the top of his game he is on the same level as Sid and Ovie.
  6. The Windsor Spitfires just came back from a 3-0 deficit in the OHL conference finals . If the Wings do it, cool... Do I think it will happen? NO.
  7. Hmm... I would have expected to see Ryan Miller as a nominee, but this isn't no surprise.
  8. See, I would have created a whole new trophy in Lindsay's honor. Ted Lindsay Trophy - An award given annually to the player that best demonstrates a hard work ethic with a combination of offensive skill, grit, and determination.
  9. Well, how long has this rule been in effect? I thought it came into effect when the NHL got the new style jerseys which was 3 years ago. It didn't seem like it was that long ago when a player would jersey another player and just feed it to them.
  10. Not too much of a change, I'm just not a big fan of the "Rob Ray Rule." Jerseying players was a tradition when it came to fighting, it's like locking in a submission in the UFC.
  11. Funny? In some ways, but awesome nonetheless.
  12. Hottest spouse... Mike Fisher's. Come on, Underwood is pretty sexy, Comrie should have got that one for Hillary Duff.
  13. If Franzen plays a full season, or at least 77 games, I think he'll reach 50 goals, not 100 points though. As far as 100 points goes, yes, Datsyuk can reach it.
  14. When the opponent get's a hooking penalty, they like to play "Hooked on a Feeling." Also, don't know how often they did this, but when Hasek flipped Gaborik, they played "Fly Like an Eagle." I watch a lot of hockey on TV, and it seems like the Joe plays the most relevant and clever music at the perfect time.