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  1. Empty netter by. Arvidsson 4-1 Preds. Bye bye Hawks!
  2. Not known to be much of a hitter - only 19 hits in 82 games last season. Statistical comparison to Ericsson
  3. The outer shape is that of a guitar pick, which I'd assume is an attempt to tie into Nashville's music history. I have no idea about the three stars in the circle. Edit- elements of the Tennessee state flag inside the guitar pick.
  4. I've heard we have an offer for Jagr of $1.5M, while Pittsburgh's offer is around $1M. He may have something left in the tank, but I just can't see Jagr getting along with Babcock over the course of a full season.
  5. Same salary as last season (6.2M) per LeBrun.!/Real_ESPNLeBrun/status/82820416082690048
  6. 1-0 Ducks Ryan from Perry & Getzlaf
  7. Per Bob McKenzie Tweet - Dal send Neal & Niskanen to Pit for Goligoski - WTF...
  8. Fixed it for you ;-) TSN Article
  9. Good deal for the Sharks.
  11. It's about time somebody cared to notice...
  12. Looks like he's started the season early. Way to get off on the right foot.
  13. There's also the fact that the Hjalmarsson deal will have an impact on when Seabrook becomes an RFA after this coming season. 4.5 - 5 million isn't going to be out of the question.
  14. According to a LeBrun "tweet" Hawks have matched the offer sheet. Campbell (LOL) and Sharp being shopped. TSN confirms the Hawks match:
  15. 750k per LeBrun - 1 yr deal.