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  1. Rumor: Steve Thomas signs with Wings

    Maybe the Wings will invite him to tryout for the team, but i don't think there is anyway they would sign him before training camp.
  2. Parrish on trading block

    They'd have to throw at least Kvasha in the deal for it to be worth trading Datsyuk. Parrish's season stats aren't that great and his playoff stats are even worse. Best season 2001/2002 60 pts in 81 games and a +10 Last season 35pts in 59 games and a +8
  3. Colorado looking at Luongo?

    Luango is a great goalie. That being said, I don't think it is smart for any team to put together a nice package of players to pick up a "great goalie". With the limited puck handling, the lessening of the size of jersey's and pads, the expanded offensive area, the elimination of the red line, and the cracking down of obstruction penalties, there is no telling how any goaltender is going to be able to adjust to all of this. Some goalies that were great are going to be not so great anymore, imo, especially if they were a butterfly goaltender. The goalies that used more of a hybrid style will probably put up similar stats with a slight increase in GA and a slight decrease in save %. Point is, until you have time to evaluate goaltenders in the "new NHL" it would be unwise to trade away proven players (that aren't goalies) or highly touted prospects (same) for a goalie you haven't seen perform with all the rule changes. That being said if Colorado wants to send Abby, Boughner, and Tanguay to Fla for Luango. I say do it. Luango won't be wearing those giant pads anymore.
  4. Thrashing opportunity

    Trade him for nothing and use the money to sign Dats and Hank. Or, use the money to take a player from New Jersey...they've got a lot more interesting players that could fit in well with the Wings. Remember, trades don't have to be balanced at all. In fact, I think a lot of trades coming up, with teams' salary cap issues, will look very one sided.
  5. Hossa?

    While I agree Hossa is a far better player than Datsyuk, it is not necessarily true Ottawa wouldn't be interested in trading for only Datsyuk. The biggest problem for Ottawa is the amount of money he wants. So, if we traded Dats and Hank for Hossa, it would cost Ottawa more than just to sign Hossa. I do agree it will take a little more than Datsyuk to get Hossa, but not that much. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick or a B-level prospect. The salary cap is a major reason to have to trade someone. The Flyers sent Roenick and a 3rd round pick to LA for future considerations just to get the salary off their hands. This is also why St. Louis and either Heatley or Kovalchuk will becoming available, as well. Teams cannot afford to tie up over a third of their cap space on two players. Just keep in mind when talking about trades salaries play a big role and teams are not necessarily looking to trade "equal amounts of talent".
  6. Trade speculation

    I just read that article before I came over here. Like I said over there, no way Detroit gives up both Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Datsyuk and a #1 pick for Heatly.
  7. Datsyuk to Wash?

    Not necessarily. Holland has made it clear that Delmore is going to have to make the team. His position in our top 6 is far from guaranteed; he could end up playing in Grand Rapids. Remember, he's only getting 450,000. Still missing the point. The Wings top 5 is pretty much set in stone. Lidstrom, Kronwall, Schneider, Fischer, and Chelios. We have Rivers and Delmore as spare parts. All this talk of Redden or Witt, what are you going to do, make them the 6th defenseman? One of the top 4 needs to be moved to get a top 4 or it's a waste. Not only would it be a waste, it would practically ensure that Delmore and Rivers wouldn't even play, except maybe to give Chelios a night off. On top of all of that, now Simpson's name is being talked about again. It makes sense what you are saying. The only other thing to consider is injuries. I don't think Cheli will see 50 games this season. And, I'd trade Schneider to bring a guy like Witt in. We have plenty of powerplay shooters. And, its not like we'll be on 10pps a game. I think a Fischer, Witt line would reak havoc on opposing forwards(as long as Fischer throws his weight around).
  8. Datsyuk for Redden?

    Why trade Datsyuk for Redden? Redden makes like 3.75Mil. and he is a UFA next year. This doesn't help the cap at all and just trades away one of our future forwards for a possible one year rental. Datsyuk will sign in the neighborhood of 3Mil to 3.25mil, I wouldn't pay him anymore. And, if he says he wants Lang money, I'd tell him to go put up Lang numbers for at least 2 more years just the way Lang has. But, if we have to trade Datsyuk, we have to get a player in return that will be part of the Wings long term future.
  9. Datsyuk to Wash?

    I agree, which is way I suggested Rivers in a deal to Washington. I think the Wings really need a powerful, mean presence on the blueline like Witt.
  10. Datsyuk to Wash?

    Here's the deal: Legace, Rivers, Mowers and a 2nd round pick (or one of our goalie prospects not named Liv) for Whit, Ouellet, and Zuburus
  11. Datsyuk to Wash?

    The other thing to keep in mind is if we are getting Kolzig, there will be another team involved that we are trading him to. His salary is way too high to put him on our team.
  12. Datsyuk to Wash?

    With Eklund, the details are probably crap, but there is generly a degree of truth to his posts true. While I doubt the Wings are interested in Kolzig, they probably are talking to Washington about something. My guess is Legace and a draft pick for Ouellet and Witt. It is likely the beginning talks of some kind of deal for Witt, but I'm sure Washington is talking to plenty of others teams about Witt. For Zubrus to be involved, we would have to be including a package of a top prospect or a high draft pick, along with Legace for all three players, but I wouldn't count on Datsyuk being involved.
  13. Detroit a destination for Fedorov?

    Pretty sure when Feds left he burned the bridge back to Detroit.
  14. Gratton & Rangers?

    Top priority has to be signing Dats and Z, unless he can get him really cheap. If it is anything more than 800,000, I would say wait until the RFA's are signed.

    That list was space out correctly when I typed it....