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  1. I would take cujo. He's such an upgrade over Ozzy! but management burnt that bridge.
  2. Wings need a guy like Laraque, That would be great!
  3. yes barnes has the best avatar!
  4. Neil#25 who is that in your avatar? It looks like elvis and ali.
  5. I have heard zetterberg is not happy in detroit. I could see it happening. I like zetterberg and would hate to see him go but smyth would be a good guy to get.
  6. I dont think you want to go the whole season with just ozzie. I think howard will be a great goalie but he is not ready to step up to the nhl yet. The wings had to upgrade from ozzie years ago because he couldnt hack it, and that was with a much better team in front of him.Better hang onto legace.
  7. I read this on hockey trade rumors also, but I dont see it happening unless wings dont think they can get zetterberg signed.I really think datsyuk will be the one to get traded.
  8. I dont see the wings trading both dats and zet but i do see them trading dats. I would take heately for dats and a first rounder.
  9. Draper has a no trade clause.
  10. wings could easily pick up another D-man both delmore and rivers have 2-way contracts they could be sent down.
  11. I would take that definetly an upgrade on D.
  12. I dont put much stock in this rumor but if it did happen there is no way Kolzig would be backing up ozzy. If datsyuk wants lang money,which is what I am hearing I would definitely trade him.Maybe dats and manny for Kolzig and witt.
  13. Doesn't Kolzig have a huge contract? I think only if there was no chance at signing Dats would the Wings consider this.
  14. I didn't necessarily want Gratton, to me, it was the principle. He was worth a gamble for sub 1mm, IMHO.
  15. How has this conversation gone strictly to the goons?