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  1. I have Verizon FIOS and NHL CENTER ICE (live in Pittsburgh so can't watch FSD) and cannot find the game tomorrow? All of the center ice channels look like they are dula with MLB extra innings but there are no games showing on the channels? Anybody know if the game is on center ice and on FIOS? Thanks
  2. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    That was a nice touch by Nick
  3. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    If Hossa was available for 5 mil alone, great. But he wasn't, they wanted players for him. Pittsburgh gave up several young promising players for him and he isn't going to be there next year. Armstrong and Christiansen would have been there, and they will need to find quality role players over the next few years becasue they are going to have cap trouble as all of the stars need to be resigned. But now they better hope they can get those kind of role players back or else they will resemble the Rangers of a few years back, star studded with no depth or results. Pittsburgh took a gamble and lost but he needed to do something becasue his team was struggling all year. Holland realized that his teams struggles were only recent and the result of injuries so he made a decision not to take that gamble. And I am saying that was a smart decision and anyone who doesn't admit it is just stubborn even after watching the wings skate around Hossa and the Pens with the cup!
  4. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    What place were the wings in scoring at the deadline? Exactly. What place did we finish in scoring? Exactly. Scoring goals was not a problem, injuries on defense were. Hossa wouldn't have solved that.
  5. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    What a sad world yours must be! Good thing you post on message boards instead of managing the team.
  6. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    -and not trading them away for rentel players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Holland is smart for drafting them but not smart for refusing to trade them away for rentle players? I don't think you know what you are talking about, sorry.
  7. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    And by "improving the team" he would have had to mess with the chemistry of a Stanly Cup team. Thats now a fact, admit it was unessessary. And admit that not making that move was the SMART choice becasue there is no reason we won't once again have a Stanly Cup team next year. If we trade for a rentel, who knows what our team looks like next year. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong. Guess thats not your thang
  8. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    Federov would have been "cheap" and only played in case of injuries? This is about as dumb as the "Hossa signed and extension" comment! Where do you get your news?
  9. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    Yup, would have fit in well for 2 weeks then we would be regretting it for 5 years! This team had great chemistry all year and you don't mess with that becasue of mid season injuries that won't nesessarily effect you in the playoffs. I am glad Holland doesn't think like you. Sorrrrrry, just admit it Holland was right and he has a cup to prove it!
  10. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    Way to man up!
  11. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    The series isn't over, but the notion that the wings needed to make a big trade to compete in the playoffs IS OVER! How can you see it any other way?
  12. Ken Holland Was SMART!

    I was just thinking about all of the whining and moaning about Kenny not making a big deadline deal this year. I always thought that we had a great team, we just needed to get healthy, but I know there were a lot of people ready to hand the cup to Pittsburgh when they announced the trade! I just wanted to say thanks Kenny for not peddeling our promising young stars away for a rent-a-player! There are more than a few people here that owe him an apology.
  13. NHL Playoff Schedule

    So does anyone know what games will be on center ice? I live in Pittsburgh so I need more variety to get the games rather than what game versus decides to air.
  14. Detroit forces Liv to stay in Sweden

    thats like saying Marino, Elway, Montanna and Batch!!!!!!!!!!