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  1. YES
  2. Bloody hell
  3. PP! Let's make it count...
  4. Our face-offs are pretty shameful so far
  5. Woah Howard saved us a couple of times in the last min there. Let's hope we get a goal in the second.
  6. Woot, maybe this will lit a fire under us. Bit of a sloppy start and most of the PP was terrible.
  7. GCL is available at least in the UK. Premier TV have bought the tv rights to the NHL here but not online rights, so we're free to use GCL. However in some of the Scandinavian countries, I believe subs to GCL are not being accepted
  8. Ahhh sorry! I moved house and was without net for ages! hope you're ok xxx

  9. then you go and disappear again lol

  10. You probably don't remember me, but i was here about 3.5 years ago (wow that's ages!) and you made me a lovely Osgood signature, and then I just vanished! I've just returned to the site and saw you left me a message a year and a half ago. Hope everything is great with you xx

  11. Poke... where did ya go?

  12. Yes indeed! But more to the point, has anyone missed me?
  13. Ahhh I haven't been on LGW in like two months or something!