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  1. Jason LaBarbera has the best mask. Nothing is more badass than having METALLICA!! on your mask.
  2. I predict we will draft a player from sweeden.
  3. I hope we sign leino, he is young, and talented and thats what we need, and he is dominating over in Finland, so who cares if he is not sweedish. Better get him quick before he is gone. SIGN HIM KENNY!!!
  4. i dont like the move, we can survive without cleary. I'd give the money to Zetterberg.
  5. id like to save the money and give it to zetterberg.
  6. Wings:5 Hawks:2 Wings:Fillpula, Zetterberg, Cleary, Lidstrom, Hudler Hawks: Ruutu, and Seabrook.
  7. doesn't it seem like every team is getting new jerseys?
  8. lol sharks with laser beams.
  9. coyotes but they have some good prospects devloping.
  10. Lebda.
  11. If they have that kind of money, why didnt they give it to smyth??. Vanek Does Not Deserve Tht money yet.
  12. the only way i want foresberg is if he is healthy, and cheap to sign.
  13. Since we have about $9,064,000 left under the $50,300,000 salary cap what would you do? I would sign Sign Hasek- 1.75 mill for 1 year Sign Sutton- 6 mill 2 year deal Sign Asham- 2 mill 2 year contract Trade a 4th round pick to chicago for Tuomo Ruutu(1.5 mill). With these roster moves, I Think we will be a better and more physical team. New Cap #= 1,814,000
  14. Hopefully Hasek, and Bertuzzi Will Sign Soon. As For Smyth, He is probally thinking over all his offers.
  15. sign Bertuzzi, Hasek , Fedoruk or Markov.