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  1. Aebischer a Wing?

    Ugggh, how is Aebischer an upgrade over Legace?
  2. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    All this interest from other teams is a smokescreen put out by his agent that has floated through the media. Boston isn't going to sign him for 4 million a year or even more than that because they've already made their big splash in free agency. I doubt they want to pour 4+ million into a 37 year old "power forward" that hasn't done s*** the past few playoff seasons. Did I mention his numerous injuries he's had? St. Louis I highly doubt because they've already signed Bill Guerin and dumped 16 million over 4 years into Jay McKee's lap. I understand these teams may have cap room left but I think the only things that have generated these rumors is Shanahan having an off-season home in Boston, and Dave Lewis is now the coach in Boston, and St. Louis simply because Shanahan was so popular there before. I doubt any of these teams are seriously considering Shanahan at 4 million plus a year. Now if Shanahan snubs the Wings and signs with either of those teams at 2.5 mill or close to 3, then fine, he can have it, but I doubt that's the kind of guy Shanahan is. Ingenious ploy by Shanahan and his agent, Holland's even more of a fool if he signs Shanahan for more than 3 million a year.
  3. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    I don't know, I think Holland was targeting some players in Free Agency but most have signed elsewhere because their team's General Managers aren't sitting on their hands like Holland is/was (waiting for negotiations with Lidstrom, waiting to hear from Yzerman, negotiations with Shanahan), then once those guys that he was targeting were all swept up (Arnott, Guerin, Barnaby etc.) he probably is a little nervous and doesn't want to lose his own players AND get nobody as a replacement. That's why he's probably offering that much to keep Shanahan interested. Granted, offering that much and not being able to get anybody else is a detriment to the team, but I don't think that Holland wants to come off looking like a complete buffoon (which he is, and offering Shanahan 4 mill just compounds that perception).
  4. Here's a novel idea

    Oops, I didn't realize this was already being discussed.. sorry guys
  5. Here's a novel idea

    This excerpt from Spector's Trade Rumours... "16 FEBRUARY 2006. **WAIVER ALERT!** VARIOUS SOURCES REPORT THE DALLAS STARS CLAIMED LEFT WING JEREMY STEVENSON OFF WAIVERS FROM THE NASHVILLE PREDATORS. Spector's Note: Hat tip to everyone who sent this in. Stevenson is the second player to be claimed off waiver from the Predators in a week (Jamie Allison was the other). This could be an unexpected bit of good fortune for the Preds, as these two claimings could free up some salary to acquire the physical blueliner they're believed to be seeking. " Waiving players to clear up cap space to acquire something that you desperately need??? OMG, Ken Holland why can't you have an epiphany like this???
  6. book titles you'll never see...

    Well, that would be fine if people in that thread wouldn't tell people who are discussing it to shut up.
  7. book titles you'll never see...

    "The finer points of successful playoff goaltending"- by Manny Legace
  8. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to let go of your love for Detroit Red Wings backup goalies" by 85% of the Detroit fan base and media
  9. book titles you'll never see...

    "Cultural and ethnic sensitivity" by Sean Avery
  10. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to restrain yourself from using a goalstick as a lethal weapon"- Ed Belfour
  11. book titles you'll never see...

    Ohhh BURN
  12. book titles you'll never see...

    Sorry, had to bring this one in... "How to pick a starting goaltender for a Stanley Cup contending team" Mike Babcock foreword by Ken Holland.
  13. book titles you'll never see...

    "13 Foods that will improve your health" Don Koharski- foreword by Jim Schoenfeld