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  1. hey ref DUCK OFF!!!!! thats what I have to say sounds like Nascar make the rules up as you go BS complete BS but its good for us its something to build on to hammer the Ducks
  2. tough call #91 put in a lot of good years for us but defectors shouldn't have their jersey retired same goes for that nutjob Shanahan
  3. thought this was the "I forgot he was a Red Wing!" thread not the "We wish he never wore the Winged Wheel" lol I remember Ranford in the 99 semi's we had Colorado 2-0 and ugh we went down in flames
  4. DET/ANA 4-3 VAN/CHI 4-2 BOS/CAR 4-1 WSH/PIT 4-3
  5. heres my pickems SJS/ANA 4-0 DET/CLB 4-2 VAN/STL 4-0 CHI/CAL 4-2 BOS/MTL 4-1 WSH/NYR 4-3 NJD/CAR 4-1 PHI/PIT 4-3 WCC: Detroit Red Wings ECC: New Jersey Devils SCC: Detroit Red Wings
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhh another playoff year GO WINGS!!!!! feel much better playing Columbus than Anahiem
  7. well y'all been a real pleasure watching that Massacre in the Mountains but I'm headin to bed c ya's in the Western Finals
  8. exactly theres not enough Colorado fans in the stands to fill one of them rickety old local ball park wood bleecher things
  9. well the final horn sounds GAME OVER what a performance WAY TO GO BOYS KEEP IN ROLLIN IN ROUND 3
  10. 30 seconds
  11. cheep calls oh well 8-2 now they're not gunna get 6 more in 9 min even on Ozzie
  12. Glenn Healy spouting off about 7 being enough SCREW OFF HEALY tho to be fair he could do a better job in net than the 2 jokers Colorado has played this game 8-1 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo love the 7 goal differentials
  13. hey folks we could win this game with Felix Potvin playing net LOL