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  1. My girl and I went last year and again last night. For fans who want to meet players and chat with them for a couple minutes it can't be beat.. On top of that the money is for a good cause. Chris Osgood loves the fans. Both years I've gone he has been the last player to leave and won't leave until everyone who wants to meet him has done so. Almost all of the players are genuinely good easy going guys, but I've found that to be true about almost every hockey player I've met over the years. Hell Patrick Eaves did some work with the Michigan Humane Society and when we mentioned that we appreciated it he asked about our dog and wanted to see pictures. The pucks did sell out but it took some work by Ken Daniels and Ken Kal. Ours was signed by Z so that was a nice prize. The Road trip went for $9,000 which was pretty low. I don't think having Minnesota as the destination helped.
  2. Sad to hear. One of my favorites growing up.
  3. My girl and I were also at that game. That was a hell of an evening to be at the Joe.
  4. Volchenkov is an very good dman. Sens would be nuts to let him get away.
  5. Was it just me or did Gonchar look terrible last night?
  6. Jimmy earned himself a bunch of new fans around the league tonight. Everything else aside Gonchar was horrid for them tonight.
  7. Where can I get a jersey like Team USA had on last night?
  8. Had some friends over for the game last night and everyone was going friggin nuts. Much fun was had by all. Miller was unreal almost the entire evening. After the game he was calm, cool and collected. He is the rock from which all the other players seem to be drawing confidence from. The entire team was hungry and played wonderful. Kessler beating out Perry for the empty netter summed it up perfectly. Drury did what he has done his entire career by scoring big goals at big times. Rafalski....what the heck does anyone say besides holy crap! Ryan Suter played the best game I've ever seen him play. Very physical and smart. I could go on and on. Down the line it was a total team effort. Ron Wilson and Brian Burke probably have perma smiles. This game might not have been a medal game, but in effect it was. Canada will have to play Russia after Team Canada unleashes hell on Germany tomorrow. Either Canada or Russia will go home without a medal. Crazy stuff. One of those two teams could easily run the table and win gold still.
  9. These trips seem to be the kiss of death.
  10. At this point I'd rather see them both stay out until after the Olympics. Let Franzen play and work off the rust playing for his country.
  11. Can't say I was sad seeing him go to the East.
  12. I saw him play last year in Tampa and man he looked great out there. The game went to a shootout and when Kozzie was getting ready to shoot I told my cousins "its over boys" and with that same quick trigger it was in the net. He was always a favorite player of mine back in his Wings days. I'm sure after Kovy leaving Slava would be thrilled to come back here. Who knows though. Nothing will probably come of it.
  13. Hopefully its just goofing around.
  14. Big win by the boys tonight. They got some lucky bounces and made the most of them. Oh and that guy ripping Ozzie sure has a short memory. Nice to hear the fans let him have it.
  15. Miller is doing his best to make Ville the odd man out. Hell of a game tonight by Drew.