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  1. Where in the crap was this all season?
  2. Thats just......holy crap.
  3. Not currently, though that would be nice to prepare for Trade Deadline day. The person below me will miss Steve Ott.
  4. Abraham Brendan Smith or Kyle Quincey
  5. Who doesn't like Donald Duck? The person below me isn't sad to see Jurco go.
  6. Update: #RedWings acquire third-round draft pick in 2017 @NHL Entry Draft from the @NHLBlackhawks in exchange for right wing Tomas Jurco. So long, Jurco.
  7. RIP to the best. Hockey world reactions: Sports Nation&utm_content=Detroit Red Wings/hockey world react to Mike Ilitch's passing
  8. Not really a surprise.
  9. Recently interviewed former Red Wings trainer John Wharton for a piece for DSN! Sports Nation&utm_content=Training for Success: DSN's exclusive interview with former Red Wings trainer John Wharton
  10. Hey there everyone - I've been absent lately due to my schoolwork as well as my work on Detroit Sports Nation. Just so everyone knows, I'm still around and will be moving forward, but I'd really like to thank NerveDamage and MabusIncarnate for their work on our GDT's this year. You guys are the real MVP's. I'll still be around to make a GDT every now and again, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all truly appreciate the work they've put in to make LGW the great site it is. Thanks again and LetsGoWings!! Mike (aka Hockeytown0001)
  11. We're still waiting for Sheahan to score his 1st goal of the year and Nyqvist to break out of his horrific slump. I never envisioned that.
  12. Al the Octopus always wins.
  13. Well gang, the Red Wings are 2nd to last in the division, Gus Nyquist hasn't scored a goal in about six years, Riley Sheahan is invisible, and they have the 30th ranked power play. Is this "more exciting" to you in the words of our esteemed GM?
  14. Will insert graphics if I have a chance.