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  1. Thanks for posting that!
  2. After he leads Canada to a gold medal at the next Olympics he can retire.
  3. Think about this as well..... paid average attendance has to be at what, 16,000 I believe? What if o'l Jimmy boy doesn't re-sign any of his free agents? The team made the playoffs this year and didn't meet the 16,000 needed. All he has to do is throw a year away, no one goes, and he gets a decent draft pick for his new team in KW-Cambridge area!
  4. Ontario has barely made Ottawa work because Ottawa is in the middle of nowhere, it's also 330 miles (530 kms) from Cambridge. A fairly large distance wouldnt' you say? Also, Ottawa's team is in Kanata, yet another reason they had trouble drawing a crowd a few years back. And as for every person in Ontario being a leafs fan? Laughable, there are many hockey fans that would be pleased to watch NHL hockey, and not have to pay $300 at the Air Canada Centre.
  5. They've been sitting a while and we're fresh from the fight! Rest can be good, but not always.
  6. Maybe it's the "random" bounces off the boards the Wings use to score goals. Visiting teams can't seem to get the hang of that.