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  1. Red Wings first tough guy invite to camp...

    This guy was dropped from his Western Hockey League team early last season, then somehow managed to be picked up by an Ontario Hockey League team [Owen Sound] later that same season. They mentioned specifically in the article "...we were unable to get Robin to channel his competitiveness and talent, which are two of his biggest assets, in the right direction. Unfortunately, I felt he was a distraction to what we need to do as a team and Sunday night it got to the point where I had to act.�. Man, I wonder what he did to get cut from his team, punch out the coach or another player? http://www.winterhawks.com/index.php?optio...id=275&Itemid=2

    I heard an interview with Ken Holland last week, on one of the sports talk shows in Detroit. He stated that Grigorenko was around 85% healthy from his accident, and that they'd like him to remain in Russia to get back to his previous level of play before bringing him over to Detroit.