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  1. I also wonder what they chant after a goal... They startw with it shortly before the goal song is over. I try to find out what it is since our first playoff series against them 4 years ago lol. Can anyone help?
  2. Really a great game from the Flames!! But wouldnt we have to play the Flames in the next round if they kick out San Jose and we beat Nashville? To be honest, I wouldnt really like playing them, as they would propably be the toughest team to play against right now. Then again you have to beat anyone anyways if you wanna play the cup. Would still prefere a matchup against the Avs
  3. Also doesnt work. I guess I will just have to give up for tonight thanks for your help though
  4. Well, when TVU Player is already opened, it loads for few second and then nothing happens. When TVU player is not opened yet, it opens but doesnt start any channel
  5. Im using vista. Tried it like u said but still doesnt work I can just switch through the channels myself. dont find the wings channel though
  6. When I use the link TVU Player opens, but it doesnt switch to any channel. How do I find the Channel now of the Wings Game?
  7. That scared me when Cleary left the game. Hopefully its just an equipment problem. He was skating around before and seemed to check is skate. Then he straight went to the locker room. Didnt look like an injury. lets hope he will be back in the 3rd
  8. Just wondering... Where do the rumors come from, that this is our playoff slogan this year? Is there any source? "Let'em see red" was by far the best slogan we had. Everything after that wasn't really flattering. If "Are you in" is really this years slogan, it would just be sad. How boring is that?
  9. Yeah, I didnt know it was Kronwall, but he blocked the shot, got up slowly and was limping then... Hope he is alright
  10. U also staying in england? You sure then it starts at 2am? Im sure it starts in one hour at 12 o clock. Its shown on NASN2 if u get the channel
  11. Detroit looking for D "Detroit has inquired about a couple defensemen including Jason Smith of the Flyers. " -Andy Strickland Eklunds site
  12. [2:35pm] Maple Leafs have traded Hal Gill. Details to follow... I think its to the Pens
  13. 1:17pm] Red Wings discussing trade for Los Angeles defenseman Brad Stuart. From TFP
  14. Start the Trade Tracker on There is a live audio stream of their trade show running already.
  15. Thats me