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  1. GDT

    Oh good the canes, we haven't played them in forever
  2. its like watching a car accident happening in slow motion
  3. wouldn't it be funny if they ended up missing the playoffs after all
  4. Doomsday.....I would hate to be a LA fan right now
  5. that's alot of goals
  6. guess holland was skiing this weekend http://predators.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=753452
  7. he should be fined by Kenny for being a -6 he should be fines by Kenny for being a minus 6
  8. Franzen is a -12, maybe replace him with Bert?
  9. I guess we will find out in the next 23 games, 17 of them being away
  10. Local newspaper here wrote today that Brunner signed a 4 year contract worth 1 million Francs a season ( little more than 1 million dollars per year) He has become the highest paid player in the league (of all times). not bad for a 50 game season Lugano signed him because the coach is Patrick Fischer, who used to play with him in Zug. Lugano is also the team who could or wanted to afford this contract. he does have an exit clause in case the NHL calls again...
  11. Zug didn't have the finances to get him back and their roster is packed, hence he signed with Lugano. Brunner instantly makes Lugano a contender. The Swiss league is much faster than the nhl.
  12. GDT

    Losing against the panthers, same story all the time
  13. GDT

    Power outage? Again? Good game
  14. I am not sure Baba is going to stay with the Wings after this season or that The Wings wants to sign him right away. I think both parties want to see how this season goes. Resigning a coach shouldn't be that hard.