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  1. The detroit redwings should sign this guy instead to Samy, in 81 games he had 28 goals and 31 assists. he is 29 years old and a huge body, 6'6 230+... Lets get nik antropov signed kenny, i think nik and sammy are worth about the same price... thought?????
  2. According to some reports the Toronto Leafs are expecting to add Carter this weekend. Take it or leave it, its a rumor. Other so called sources (eklund) says Carter may have decied to sign with the Wings. I would like to see him added to the roster but Eklund is an idiot.
  3. I heard a rumor today on XM radio that said Detroit would send Lang, Hudler, and a 2nd round pick for Biron, and Afinogenov. I dont know if there's any truth to it or not but this is a deal i would make, after seeing how much Afinogenov would get from arbitration. It also said Afinogenov will likley have to go becasue all indications are that the Sabers will take Briere's 5 million dollar deal. So take it or leave it.
  4. Daniel Briere and his new 5 million dollar deal alonge with Biron and his 2.1 million dollar deal for Lang and his 3.8 and Schneider with his 3.3 million dollar deal. Its a great deal for both teams, we need at golie and they have one. the salaries all would work. And Buffalo would like to add depth to the defence. So what do u guys think of this one even tho it is a really long shot.
  5. If you where GM of the Red Wings and you got offered Staal for Datsyuk would you take it why or why not. I personally would not take that deal casue Datsyuk is a playmaker and Staal is a finisher but here in Detroit we have Zetterberg who is a finisher. So a playmaker with a finisher is better to me then a finsher with a finisher. So let me know what you think
  6. Do you guys see Kenny shipping Datsyuk to any teams. Cause he was offered a long term deal to play for Detroit and instead only took a 2 year deal. So it kind of makes you wonder if he wants to play here or not. I think if we dont trade him in the next 2 seasons then he will go sign with the Caps to play with his buddy Ovechkin. What do you guys think and who would you want in the league if you can trade him.
  7. Niinman
  8. Anybody know the latest news on the Redwings prospect Igor Grigorenko. The last thing i heard about him was that he was in a car accedent and that was a long time ago. So if you know anything about him let me know. REDWINGS RULE
  9. Where is this rumor coming from. And i hate the Toronto Maple leafs it seems like they want all our god players.
  11. I want to know what you guys think of this trade that just came to the top of my head after i read the report that Datsyuk has not recived an offer from the wings. What would you guys think of the wings sending Datsyuk to the Sens for either Hossa, Alfredsson, or Havlat or my favorit Spezza................ Now i would take any of those guys for him. Now i think either of those guys would do us good. So let me know what you think.. AND ALSO I LOVE THIS WEBSIT IM GLAD I SAW IT.