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  1. Wings join Forsberg hunt

    Have to agree, and it would be all the more sweet pissing off Avs fans if they saw Forsberg dressed in the Winged Wheel
  2. Bertuzzi to be on WXYT 1270 at 5:30pm

    thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! cheers mate! EDIT: Love the reference to Stevie Y!
  3. OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    Go Bert - such a dominent force and truly great player deserves a chance to shine under the Red Wings wheel! Let's hope he can make amends for the past, and light up the lamp regularly!!! cheers.
  4. Jiri Hudler

    If he ate a few burgers over the off-season and learned to skate on stilts... Don't think he has much chance of making an impact on the Detroit roster though (at least while Babs is coach)...shame because he has so much potential. cheers.
  5. Official: Roberts traded to Pittsburgh

    Eklund is now reporting he has a 'golden' source, who says Roberts refused to waive his NTC... Will be interesting to see how this pans out!
  6. Sheldon looks like he could be heading west

    Eklund still thinks a deal may be imminent - and that the Red Wings have entered the fray...
  7. Wings show interest in Leetch?

    Would only make sense if Schneider was to be traded for a forward...
  8. Brodeur for Legace & Zetterberg

    Need I say more...the latest update on Spector's site...
  9. Lidstrom to Dallas?

  10. Legace to be traded?

    Osgood is better than Legace? LMAO! Maybe once upon a time, but if you hadn't noticed, things have changed in this 'new NHL'...
  11. Wings starting Goalie

    I voted Manny - he is one great puckstopper!
  12. Red Wings Cufflinks

    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy quality Red Wings Cufflinks? I've found a few sites on the web, but it's very hard to tell the quality from a simple picture. If anyone can recommend a good place to buy them would be much appreciated. thanks!
  13. Griffins Training Camp Roster

    Go Robin Big Snake! May your name be embedded on a Red Wings jersey in years to come!!!
  14. Polish Website: Leafs Sign Czerkawski

    Bahahahaha 30-40 goal range
  15. Big Snake?

    I'm an Australian and imported a Steve Yzerman #19 jersey a number of years ago. If Big Snake makes the Red Wings roster i'm ordering another jersey!