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  1. My heart and soul is with you Guys, get it done
  2. We need a goal from Hossa and Mule, Hudler,Holmstrom, they are all Due to explode , we will Win !!!!!!
  3. Back home for No7, lets get this one done for the city and great fans of Detroit, Go Wing Go !!!!
  4. Michael Farber just said that Dats will not play tonite, TSN reports
  5. Go Wings Go , its time to take over
  6. GDT

    Ok , everbodys happy, NHL getting this too go 6, Pittsburgh has been lucky too have this go 6, but i got News for you ends Tonite, and ill be watching this one at Home, make me cry tonight Boys....go get em
  7. Ive got too work tonite,my thoughts go out to you boys, finish them off !!!!!
  8. That 5 on 3 has got to be the turn around.....Zetterberg was simply amazing, he deserves the Selke just for to-nite.....lets finish this at the Joe Monday, yessssss
  9. Lets get it done...Go Wings Go