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  1. HockeyBay?

    I live a mile from the Saginaw Bay.
  2. Kronwall..Difference maker?

    I'm not sure. I like the center ice hits he throws. The only times I really see as a liability is when he tries to be offensive. He really likes to bring that puck in close to the net. That could really leave us susceptible to an odd man rush the other way if he doesn't score or gets his shot blocked. Especially when a team like SJ seems to capitalize on our mistakes. Other than that I usually like how he plays.
  3. Nashville ... Catfish?

    I went to the season opener for the Saginaw Spirit this year and someone threw a carp out on the ice. Don't ask me what that represents.
  4. First trip to Det.

    I highly reccomend Greek town also. I usually go to the Old Shillelagh Decent food and pitchers of Guinness. They will shuttle you for free. Thier bus driver will take you on a wild ride too. Usually the people who have to stand on the bus will be falling all over during every turn. I should mention they ley you take your booze on the bus also. 50 cents for a shuttle is nice too.
  5. Decent Wings page

    My new homepage http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/hockey/nhl/teams/red_wings/
  6. 2/17 GDT: @ Phoenix Coyotes, 9:00pm

    Sounds like a string bet to me.
  7. What's our answer?

    Maybe Samuelsson will come back with a vengence, but who knows.
  8. OFFICIAL: Forsberg traded to Predators

    LOL Well said. Every good hockey analyst I've heard has always said a good GM won't sacrifice the future of the club just for a quick fix now.
  9. Al Strachan's Nashville Rant

    You're right, I was just trying to get everyones attention with that. I felt the same way.
  10. Al Strachan's Nashville Rant

    http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/6466134 Well, Al Strachan surely is anyway.