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  1. in my opinion to be captain its not how good your are its what your personality is like. I think Shanahan would fit in exceptionally will in the captain role untill he retires, then hand the C over to zetterberg
  2. "mens big and tall: the complete shopping guide"- Brian Gionta, featuring interviews with Steve Sullivan
  3. lmao... that book would be a number one seller how could you resists a pretty face like this,
  4. "How to run a successful gambling ring"- Rick Tocchet
  5. personally i just didnt like the way this super bowl went... the refs have to much of an impact on the game if you ask me, call the calls when they are needed but this is the biggest game of the year in all of football and bad calls can not afford to be made when players on each team have spent most of there life training to get to that point. The steelers played an allright game but could have performed better... im just trying to see this game from the seahawks point of view, its not that often you will get a second chance at winning the super bowl and to lose because of bad calls cant feel good. perhaps the steelers would have won even if there wasnt bad penaltys made but i know that the game would have been much closer
  6. Lilja has really improved his game, but to say hes better then Witt... thats a little to much dont you think
  7. however i did like that play where randel el through to ward for the touchdown..... that was a typical steelers play
  8. is it just me or are the refs in the nfl corrupt. it seemed as if whenever the seahawks would get a good play there would be a penalty to send them right back where the begun.... and what was with that roethlisberger touchdown, he definatly didnt make it into the endzone. it guess its not only the nhl that makes ghost penaltys my team is denver so i really didnt care who won the superbowl, so my opinion cant really be a biased one
  9. i dont think giving away that first draft pick was necessary, for the amount they gave up they could have gotten a way better player then Davis
  10. just curious if anyone watched the fight.... if so could you just give a summary of what went on i wanted to watch that fight so bad
  11. captain america!
  12. looks like Maclean had the hardest shot at 98 mph
  13. who is the oldest team in the league?