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  1. rodeojones

  2. "rebuilding mode..." What?

    To me, saying that any team is "rebuilding" means that they are scrapping most of what they have and taking a new approach. I just don't see it for this team for a while. Even with the shifts in free agency on the defensive side of the puck that are a looming possibility in the next year, I still wouldn't call it "rebuilding." Maybe what bugs me the most is the frequency with which that term is tossed around in sports today. Obviously this guy is just looking to write something on the wings that can make it sound like they have a ***** in their armor (of course judging by the last 4 games, he could have simply said, "watch") but to talk "rebuilding," I just think it's quite an overstatement.
  3. "rebuilding mode..." What?

    In a recent article by Dan Arritt on ESPN:LA he writes Click here to see the whole article Aren't far from falling into rebuilding mode without a cup this season? Is this guy even watching hockey? The UFAs we have after this season are Modano, Draper, Eaves, Miller, Lidstrom, Salei, Ericsson, Osgood, and McDonald. Of those 9, I believe Lidstrom will return after yet another Norris worthy season, Osgood and Draper will either return at reduced rates or retire, and we will most likely sign a role player like Eaves/Miller. Not to mention that I can't see Mikey retiring after a season like this without a cup. Can anyone tell me where the rebuilding is here? The offensive core is in tact until 2014-15 and the defensive core has one more year until major UFAs (Rafalski, Stuart, and Kronwall) are looking at new contracts. Of those defensive UFAs in 2012-13 I can't see us losing a whole lot that would classify us as in "rebuilding" any time soon. Does anyone else think this statement has any validity because I am just not seeing it?
  4. Possible Deal With Atlanta?

    Agreed. Not to mention that if Hudler's depth scoring does show up over the next 20 games and into the playoffs, it would increase his value in the deal and make it more likely to see this sort of a trade in the off season. Plus, Atlanta is going to be in a storm of RFA and UFA in the off season, that may see them looking to mix some things up too. We shall see.
  5. Direct TV NHL Center ICE - Auto Renew

    Good to know, thanks for the heads up.
  6. Hossa

    ...Well said. Let's not confuse spite with stupidity. no.
  7. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    I can verify this. I just called and politely told them I was thinking of going to AT&T U-verse for hockey coverage and got free Center Ice.
  8. Ericsson continues to impress

    He shows exactly what he needs to show right now and that is solid play and promise. For the ice time he has been given and the little experience he has at this level, he has been great. He will only get better. Not so much of a draft after-thought is he? (And scouts around the league just hang their heads and cry waiting for Hakan Andersson's new book, "Scouting: Why I win and you lose")
  9. Red Wings, Cleary close to new deal

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Particularly since we are sitting on contract talks with Hank and possibly looking to make some offers this summer. Fine move gentlemen.
  10. Too fast for the refs?

    That's an excellent point as well. I have seen numerous times the puck or the players smashing in to the refs. More than I have seen in past years. Maybe it is something that I am just now noticing? I don't know. But when this is happening it says to me that the refs are just having trouble seeing the play out there. Maybe it will just take time for them to get up to speed. Maybe long enough for the NHL to decide that it needs to go back to a more defensive style hockey!
  11. Too fast for the refs?

    I would agree that people have been complaining about bad officiating for a long time. But it appears to me that as of late the number of calls that have had a huge impact on the game (game determining calls) have been more frequent. At least in the 15 years that I have been watching. And the human aspect of the game is good, I would agree. But when a hooking penalty is called because a guy gets his stick above waist level, that is not human, that is more auto response. It is my thought that those calls might be the result of a referee not being able to see things as clearly as he used to.
  12. Too fast for the refs?

    First let me state that this is not intended to be a referee bashing thread. I have an honest question that I want to throw out there and see what you all think. As I watched some of the bad calls by referees over the past few games (I was at the Friday San Jose game) I got to thinking... with the rule changes over the last few years, and thus an increased focus on offense, do you think that the game has become so fast that the referees are simply trying to survive out there? It is almost as if the play speed has picked up so much that they can only catch plays out of their peripheral and therefore make calls that look "close". With touch-up off sides and no two-line passing there is a lot more player movement through the neutral zone, which means more bodies moving back and forth past the line of site of the referees. Just a thought, looking for some feedback.
  13. Holland Expected to be on 97.1FM at 5 PM

    We need to lay off the panic button just a little bit.
  14. Holland Expected to be on 97.1FM at 5 PM

    I don't care what the cost is or isn't regarding federov. If the coach and players don't want him here neither do I. I don't have to play on a line with him, they do. I am not sure some people would be so hard on Kenny right now if we didn't have all the injuries and a tough stretch as of late. Stuart is a solid pick-up. Maybe a little safer than Kenny has been in past years, but we will see.
  15. Forsberg signs with Colorado

    lol. I am surprised they fit him in under the cap! Anyway, to comment on the topic, I like this pickup. It certainly helps in bringing this rivalry back to the NHL. And right now, the league needs this kind of rivalry to get people interested in the game again. Besides, SOMEone has to lead the league in diving.