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  2. VKfan16

    Kyle Calder to the LA Kings

    I'm not saying that they left because of him...but I think he did contribute to the fact. Yzerman had atleast a year left in him...he was playing great. But if I remember correctly....Babcock would leave Yzerman sitting on the bench sometimes...especially nearing the end of the season...you don't do that to the NHL's best captain in history. He had no reason...Detroit would be on a power play...and Yzerman was usually on the bench. Shanahan and Babcock did have issues...they didn't always see eye to eye...if the coaching were different I think Shanny would've stuck around. I personally don't like Babcock...I don't think he's done much. But...that's just my opinion.
  3. VKfan16

    Kyle Calder to the LA Kings

    Just because we have the number one GM in the league doesn't always mean he's going to make the best moves...he will screw up some. That's just how it goes. Rafalski better than Schneider? I think not. Schneider was an amazing defensemen...he got out there and hit...and he scored incredible goals. He was good wherever you put him...that's hard to find in a defensemen. Yes...Rafalski is 4 years younger...but Schneider had chemistry with the Wings...he got out there and knew what to do. Bertuzzi I can kind of understand...he's a great player...but he's not promising because of his health. Calder could've done something in the playoffs...but Babcocks didn't seem to play him that much...and I think he also had a bit of an injury that was left unsaid. He's a great player...and it showed in his first game...and first shift on the ice none the less. Hate to break it to you...Lang saved our butts in a couple games against Anaheim during the playoffs. He was a great player...with good size. He was definitely underrated...his positives outway his nagatives...but some fans beg to differ. A lot of these players left because of coaching though...plain and simple. That's part of the reason why Yzerman retired....why Shanny left...and I know that Lang and Schneider had issues with him. Calder I believe also did. We have a good team...with amazing talent...but what is a player to do when the coach won't let him prove himself? Best of luck to them all.
  4. VKfan16

    Holland: "Lang won't be back"

    I'm going to miss the guy. I've always loved having Lang in Detroit. I know a ton of you guys bashed the guy...and I still have yet to understand why. Lang went out and did what he was supposed to do. Just because the guy did not go out on the ice night in and night out and not score EVERY night doesn't make him horrible. Lang is way more of a play maker...and that is not always a bad thing. He's a great guy...and talented player. He got the Wings out of a couple of tough situations this past season...especially in the playoffs. I'm going to miss him...I have nothing but respect for the guy. Don't sit and bash the guy though...and give your congrats on him leaving. I think it's simply amazing how he can score an amazing goal for Detroit and suddenly he's your favourite player...but one mistake and he's horrible. Here's to Lang. Best wishes...kick butt.
  5. VKfan16

    1/8 GDT: Detroit Red Wings Vs. Dallas Stars

    6-3. Wings were leading 3-0 in the second, then the Stars scored 6 in a row after that. Holy crap, the Stars scored 6 in a row? Glad I wasn't here, I won't watch the tape then.
  6. VKfan16

    Lang on the block?

    Hopefully it's not true. I would hate to see a guy like him go. Hopefully it's like the Andreychuk rumor. I just don't really see it happening, they have been really pleased with Lang.
  7. VKfan16

    Jakub Kindl

    Well said. I am glad we got him. I think he will produce pretty well with the Wing's.
  8. VKfan16

    Schneider to be traded?

    Kenny is stupid if he wants to trade Schneider. There is no one worth trading Schneider for, he is too good, he can play defense, and he can score, he is way too talented to throw away. It will never happen.