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  1. List of Upcoming Free Agents

    Why are people bothering to talk about this? Holland has demonstrated he will not sign big free agents. Other than Rafalski he has not signed one FA that wasn't a cheap-bargain player. All of our money will go to resigning our own players, including even frickin Lilja. Holland will not change his M.O.
  2. What happened, Holland? Cap space for what?

    You mean crap like Brad Stuart- the guy we just traded 2nd and 4th rounders for?
  3. Wings among trade deadline losers

    The Wings lost when they sat on over $5 million in cap space in the off season when a number of helpful players could have been signed without trading any assets. Deadline deals rarely help much.
  4. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    This signing was so predictable its sad. I have no problem with adding Drake, but I hate the fact that we are likely done adding anyone and will just sit on $5 million in cap room for some miracle trade at the deadline. Its just like Greg Johnson last year. Come on Kenny take a freakin chance for once and sign someone who can actually score.
  5. could holland be watching the arbitrations?

    We won't sign any of these guys. Holland is not going to anyone of significance at this point. He wants to sit on his $5 million in cap space so we can trade for $20 million in players at the deadline. Blech....
  6. Same thing different year.

    Ummm- how exactly are we "sitting pretty"?
  7. When Lang leaves this summer...

    Totally agree. We don't need to sign another center. Promote from within and use the money to resign our big FA's like Dats, Bert and Calder.
  8. Grigorenko

    That looks pretty damn good roster to me. Is Hudler a good enough center to lead the 2nd line though? I've seen his goal scoring abiility but I just don't know much about his ability to play center.
  9. What should lines be when all are back

    Tha's my preferred lineup though I suspect that Babcock will go with Sammy over Hudler.
  10. Next Year's Roster

    I hiope Kenny allows a little more roster turnover this off season. Even if we win the cup there is no reason in my mind to bring back Maltby or Lang when there are younger and cheaper players who can develop and potentially perform as well (i.e. Franzen, Flip, Hudler, and hopefully Griggs). I also wouldn't mind seeing Sammy and Lilja in another unifrom, but I think they both still have a year left on their deals. As for players like Calder, Bertuzzi, Schneider and Datsyuk, it would be nice to have all of them back, FOR THE RIGHT PRICE. What that price is will depend on their play-off performances and the market. Its up to Kenny to determine whether to risk signing them now or wait till after the season. I can see it going both ways, but after watching Sammy and Lilja get locked up too soon I wouldn't mind waiting till after the play-offs to make deals with these guys.
  11. Nolan rejected Trade to Red Wings

    Well let's not give Kenny too much credit on this one. First we don't know what he was going to have to give up to get Nolan. And, more importantly, he could have just signed Nolan this off season and not given up anything.
  12. Nolan rejected Trade to Red Wings

    According to the papers, Nolan would have been brought here IN ADDITION to Bert and Calder. That would have been great depending on what we were going to give up for him. I've always liked Nolan and thought that Holland should have signed him in the off season. Too bad he didn't.
  13. Hasek Out 2 Games With Thigh Injury

    Uh oh I hope that "thigh" isn't a code word for "groin"
  14. Agreed- this team still has a startling lack of players who will play physical and stick up for teammates. Eventually that could be a big problem. Nowhere was this more evident than the game last night in Chicago (which I attended). Once the game was out of reach the Hawks started pounding the Wings and the Wings players wanted no part of it. Even the Hawks post-game guys commented on how the Wings just shied away from the physicality. Other teams know there is no penality for running our skill players which leaves them exposed. Holland had all off season to address this but all he did was resign garbage like Williams, Sammy and Lilja. He should get credit for making good trades at the dealine, but he shouldn't get a complete pass for the off-season either.
  15. Kudos to Kenny! He finally did what Joe Dumars has shown he is willing to do- admit his mistakes! He never should have signed Williams in the first place and instead used the money to get a gritty free agent winger this off season. But he riectified the problem by dealing Williams for a useful player, created cap room for next year, and made a worthy gamble in trading for Bertuzzi. Of course we will see how it all pans out, but Kenny earned his pay this week.