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  1. Hawks or sharks?

    Wouldn't that make Hosse the pariah of the league? Nobody would want him come playoff time because then they would be assured not to win the cup.
  2. game after a blowout win

    I'm not so worried about the fact that we embarrassed them and ticked them off. 1) Yes we embarrassed them, but more importantly we got into Nabokov's head. McClellan has alrady said he will put Nabokov back in on Saturday. If we can get the first goal, that crack in his composure will get a little bigger as will the questions his teammates have about his ability to finish out a series for them against a talented team like the Wings. 2) Them being ticked off is good. Look at all the stupid penalties they took in game 4. Just as we can't win when we are down a man for 1/3 of the game, neither can they. I'll be more worried after we win game 5 and McClellan has to consider whether or not Nabokov is his best chance at success. Greiss is the unknown and he looked solid in net.
  3. Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

    I agree with you on goaltending. Howard has let in too many backbreaking goals. Everytime the momentum had swung our way he gave it back to San Jose. He played great after 1 goal got scored against him, but once that 2nd on goes in he seems to lose all composure. I have to disagree somewhat when it comes to our defense. Yes, they did not always play up to the level that has come to be expected of them. The biggest offender IMO was Ericson. He seemed to turn the puck over a lot in our end. However, there were so many times they were forced to take bad penalties because Howard sent a juicy rebound right to a sharks player or he was so far out of position that he couldn't get back when needed. How many times did you see not just our defense, but also some of our forwards crowded into the crease desperately searching for the puck because Howard not only didn't freeze it, but also lost sight of it. I'm certainly not placing all the blame on him, but I do think this series has made it clear that Howard still needs to grow into the job if we want to have success in the postseason.
  4. There are 7 games in a series

    First let me say that considering the way the season began we should be greatful we got to watch the Wings play an exciting first round. Having said that, and hoping for a miracle (really want to see the Sharks downed again by the Wings) there are a couple of different ways to look at this to find a sliver of hope. The Wings played terrible in game one, they looked tired and outmanned and never had the lead. In game 2 they played better, with the exception of the parade of penalties, they held the lead until the 3rd but allowed San Jose to come back and win. The first 2 periods of game 3 they played well enough that the Sharks didn't look like the team we played in the first 2 games, they came back again, but it took overtime for them to win. So, if the pattern continues, we win the next 4 games. It's like in each game we've solved another piece the of the San Jose puzzle. The other thing to consider is that we, like the team, focus on one win at a time. If they win Thursday their odds improve slightly. The odds of coming back from a 3-1 defecit are better than a 3-0 defecit. If we build on that and take the next game, it becomes a 3-2 series and our odds improve a little more. We win 3 and take this series to a game 7 and the momentum is on our side and San Jose's confidence is greatly diminished after having the ability to close out the series on 3 occasions without success. So, until the final buzzer of the Sharks 4th win I say... GO WINGS!
  5. Horrible stat facing wings

    Rather than looking at ancient history, look at this series and you'll feel more positive. They've played 6 games, 3 at home, 3 on the road. They've won 2 on the road and 1 at home. I think we win in Phoenix.
  6. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    This happened with Dish about 4 years ago. They let contract negotiations drag on until 1 week before the playoffs and that was when I switched to DirecTV. I can handle missing a few regular season games, but if I end up missing playoff games because the NHL contracted with this stupid channel I'm really going to be pissed.
  7. On the Chicago Boards

    My money is on both. As a hockey fan, a fan of the game not just one team, there is nothing wrong with recognizing talent on other teams.
  8. Pronger Dirty Well, now I want to see all those Ducks fans call us homers for saying Pronger is a dirty player. Apparently so do his peers.
  9. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    I agree 100%. I thought the same thing as I watched us getting outplayed through most of the game. We will lose this series if they continue to play Ducks hockey.
  10. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    Based on what you've said, that still should have been a goal because the whistle came after the puck was over the line. The problem I have is that it isn't by when the whistle blows and play stops, but when the referee intends to blow the whistle. Well, when he intends to blow it people are still battling. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  11. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    I understand the rule. The problem is if you look at the end of game 1 everyone was crashing the net and Osgood would have as many as 8 people on top of him and it would take forever for the whistle to blow. This time the whistle was blown was too quick and it wasn't even like there were people on top of Hiller to risk injury. The rule needs to be changed. I also think the rule as to what is reviewable needs to be changed. It's not like points are coming at a fast pace like basketball. I think whenever a goal is at stake the play should be reviewable.
  12. Poor Crosby / Double Standard

    Honestly, I think the whole problem here is that this series is being touted as the match-up everyone's been waiting for because it is between the teams that have the 2 young faces of the NHL and many are looking to this series to finally settle the argument who's better Crosby or Ovechkin and at least so far, Crosby is losing. I think as much as he was hyped prior to coming into the league and as much as he is still hyped by the sports media he let himself believe he was the best player in the league and yet Ovechkin is showing not only everyone else, but Crosby too that the hype is just that, hype not reality.
  13. Anaheim Preview

    I am with you totally that I am not overly concerned about the "hot goalie" thing. I think if the Wings are able to throw a lot of shots at Hiller and get a couple through early it will undermine his confidence and be advantage Wings.
  14. San Jose Drops the Ball

    I think you are confused or maybe just not a hockey fan if you only watch the playoffs. While the Blues have not been impressive since the lockout, prior to it they had the longest playoff streak of about 30 years.
  15. If the NHL is going to be dumb enough to put the Winter Classic in a warm weather state, they might as well have the Kings play the Coyotes and see how much of a draw it is and how much revenue it brings.