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  1. For sure. Helm should not be in the top 6.
  2. HomeNugget


  3. HomeNugget

    Cleary NOT reporting to Grand Rapids

    Any animosity towards Cleary is misdirected. He didn't have a gun to Kenny's head.
  4. HomeNugget

    looking for managers

    Looking for 2 more managers for my Yahoo hockey league. Anyone interested? http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/8893/invitation
  5. HomeNugget

    Top 10 Swedes in NHL History

    Statistics are meaningless out of context. You can't just look at point totals and draw conclusions based on that. An Art Ross, Hart, and 1st AST trumps everything Hakan Loob and Mats Naslund did combined.
  6. HomeNugget

    Top 10 Swedes in NHL History

    Steen was an above average player for a long time, but I wouldn't consider him to be in the top ten of anything except a best Jets players list.
  7. HomeNugget

    Top 10 Swedes in NHL History

    I disagree. When you disregard play outside the NHL, Henrik Sedin is a more accomplished player than either Hakan Loob or Mats Naslund.
  8. HomeNugget

    Top 10 Swedes in NHL History

    This was my first impression. Sundin and Salming had very similar careers. No Stanley Cups or major awards, and both spent most of their careers toiling away on some pretty mediocre Leafs teams. However, both players were considered top players in the league at their respective positions. Anyways, my list looks like this: Lidstrom Forsberg Salming Sundin Naslund Alfredsson Zetterberg Henrik Sedin Nilsson I can't decide if I want Pelle Lindberg or Mats Naslund in the last spot. I'll let it remain a tie.
  9. HomeNugget

    #24 should be retired? But to who?

    Neither player did enough in Detroit to deserve such an honor.
  10. HomeNugget

    Wings sign Ruslan Salei

    I had a feeling the Wings would go after Salei. We're always grabbing guys just past their prime and/or coming off of injuries. If he stays healthy, he's an upgrade over Lilja, and at a bargain price to boot. I really like our defense this year. Lidstrom-Rafalski, Stuart-Kronwall, Salei-Ericsson. A nice mix of elite offensive and defensive talent with a little grit mixed in. This will be a great group to show Kindl the ropes.
  11. HomeNugget

    6th Defenseman

    I wouldn't mind going after Ruslan Salei. He'll play with an edge, and he's never won the cup, so he'll be motivated. He made $3.275 last season, but he's 35 and coming off an injury, so I think Kenny could snag him for around $1.
  12. HomeNugget

    Is Babcock a bad coach!?

    The ice was tipped toward the American net all night, and Ryan Miller bailed us out. None of the blame should fall on Babcock.
  13. HomeNugget

    Random expansion idea

    This is a very interesting idea, but I don't think the league is expanding anytime soon. I love the alignment of the divisions and the playoff structure. If the league really wanted to promote rivalries within the division, it would go back to divisional playoffs.
  14. HomeNugget

    Fedorov: Red Wings were jealous

    Because Fedorov burned every bridge on the way out of town, and he still shows up every few years to make sure the ashes are still smoldering. The rafters of Joe Louis Arena are reserved for the players with a winged wheel tattooed to their soul.
  15. HomeNugget

    Williams out 8 weeks with fractured fibula

    The Hockey Gods are obviously pissed at us for something, and we need to appease them. Anyone ever see the Wicker Man?