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  1. Nabokov OR Aebischer

    Thanks for all the great advice everyone! We had our draft and I went with Nabokov and I feel really good about it. The Sharks are already 6-0 in the preseason! Plus this way I don't need to cheer for Colorado just to win my pool. Go Sharks! Thanks again.
  2. Nabokov OR Aebischer

    I'm new in a fantasy pool and these are the best two netminders free for me to choose. (No Ossy isn't free for me.) I know this might need to go under "fantasy" but I want everyones opinion on these two, not just fantasy poolers. Thanks for the advice everybody.
  3. Brad Richards traded...?

    I don't think Richards or Ryder could be pulled away from their teams. And that "arrticle" said they would announce it formaly on the 29th...it's the 30th!
  4. whose #1?

    Give me a break! Manny who? Osgood is our #1. What is the point of this poll? There isn't even a question. What are you 4 people who picked Manny on? Or are you just not Wings fans?
  5. Fantasy Question #2...

    I had picked Hossa & Kovalchuk. They are gonna get lots of points combinatioins together.