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  1. It's an easy fix and it comes down to leadership. The organization and especially the coach need to snuff this crap out. It is cheapening the game of hockey and its hard to watch.
  2. I WILL CERTAINLY defend that. Bert was going after Moore for his "recent" hit on Marcus Naslund. Moore was running around the ice away from Bert, not willing to go toe to toe. So Bert swatted a fly. His punch did not break Steve's neck. (period) For the record, I would prefer a younger, more mobile player over Bert.
  3. Are you really this anal... who cares!
  4. I love how this "guy" comes on here and acts like "he" can moderate s*** and tries to pit "his" one man army against the Big Red Wings Machine! Go F yourself 'Beware The Assbag'! HOSSA SCORES THE GAME WINNER! Oh, they're going crazy at the Joe on Joe Vision (oh wait, NBC (Nothing But Cindy) wouldn't grant the rights to host a watch party))! 6-2 Wings!
  5. I have no idea regarding your question... but since you bring up Windsor, I would just like to Congratulate the Windsor Spitfires on their Championship... Let's Go Wings!
  6. How funny was it in game 3 when Commodore was behind the net wrestling with Franzen, knocking Franzen down, and then pushing him back down... meanwhile the crowd is going wild in reaction to this and all of a sudden Zetterberg scores to make the game 3-0. That shut them up in a hurry. After the goal, when the Wings were celebrating on the ice, you could see Franzen talking smack to Commodore. I had to rewatch that scene a few times and I was rolling! Commodore is great about putting himself out of position (and into the Wings bench). Nice move Cleary!
  7. I just watched the November fight, and you are a homer my friend! Staubitz was off balance a little, but sure didn't get his ass handed to him in November (as you seem to be suggesting). What's funny about this latest fight is watching Tootoo run in the beginning. Is he trying to get Staubitz off balance or what? If the refs had let this fight go on, it would have been Knock Out. I would have loved to see that! Tootoo was brutalized and the whole league has to love that! I personally would love a shot at Tootoo!
  8. While I have never been a fan of booing... (the only people worth booing are refs), I can see why people boo Federov. He was always about himself, never thought he got enough playing time, etc. Not to mention... I hate his dad (the big mouth living vicariously through his son).
  9. This gal is actually from Grand Rapids. She has been Miss Michigan in the past.
  10. Alex had my wife and I laughing hysterically when he donned the goofy hat w/ Canadian flag and sunglasses and used two sticks... he is a showman and should be the ambassador that you're all talking about. Cindy can't even give credit to his competition.
  11. We need totally like reform and like hire new teachers. Like this is not a joke... like our American school system is like pumping out morons. You know... like
  12. Yeah... since our country has tossed the Constitution to the curb and we've elected Obama bin Biden... maybe him and Pelosi have a bailout in mind so the Wings can keep all of these offensive gifts and allow the Wings to dump Lebda and Lilja.
  13. Nope... don't miss him one minute and haven't thought about him until I saw this thread. Zero... Zilch... Nata...
  14. If the Wings win again next year, its too bad they'd have to be greeted at the White House by one of the bums running from the two major parties... sure would be nice to see a President Ron Paul or a President Bob Barr... Instead, we'll probably be stuck with Obama bin Biden.
  15. Downey doesn't bring anything special... Watch this funny clip of Downey... He falls twice and dances around! Nice