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  1. A Flames fan perspective

    Sorry but there will be no game five. Perhaps you can catch a Pistons playoff game or a Tiger game when you come to visit.
  2. Leave the Wings a positive message!

    I love it that a recording of Budd Lynch welcomes you everytime you walk into Hockeytown Authentics! It never gets old.
  3. You know, I feel bad for McCarty

    I feel awful for poor D-Mac. It pains me to see the guy anymore. And I don't ever see the Wings bringing him back. I honestly don't know if he will play anywhere next year. But he will always be a Hockeytown Hero. Like they say in the new VS. Cup commercial they are running now featuring Mac. "You may not find his name in the Hall of Fame. But you will find it on the Stanley Cup."
  4. Are you really a wings fan?

    WING NUT! Can't remember the last game I missed.
  5. Mathieu Schneider

    Schneider is going to provide alot of leadership on the blueline for us and take over much of the role Chelios has played the last several years. He is about the most fearsome player we have right now. He is well worth the money.
  6. whose #1?

    Manny will play most of his game (about 25-30) before the all-star break. And Ozzy will begin to see the lions share more and more down the stretch.

    Iggy is coming over to the Wings next season and is going to be the Man.

    Vancouver is starting to rival Toronto as the self generated rumour capital of the hockey universe. Hopefully Cannucks fans will hold their breathe.
  9. Trade Draper?

    Trading Draper is just plain crazy talk and is simpley not going to happen. I think the Detroit News had nothing better to write about so they gave us an article pointing out the obvious: That trading Draper would be a mistake. Thanks for the keen insight.
  10. Colorado looking at Luongo?

    Luongo + Colorado ?! Talk about an ugly rumour! All these trades seem pretty unfounded.
  11. Parrish on trading block

    Parrish is very streaky and over-rated.
  12. TOUGH GUY! (this season)

    These people voting "no" are basicly voting saying "No I don't want to see the Red Wings win the Cup this season." Me, I voted "yes" because I would like to see The Red Wings do well in the playoffs.
  13. The Last 10 years

    Funny the NYRangers spent just as much money in the last 10 years as we have why haven't they had the same success?
  14. Favorite other Detroit team

    Did anyone see the Lions preseason game on Monday Night Football vs. the Rams tonight? Jeeezzz. They were awful. How humiliating. I hope this is not a preview of whats coming this season. I choose the Pistons. Looks like I've broken the tie for the moment.
  15. Smyth and 1st for Datyuk

    I would like for this to happen but doubt very much that it will.