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  1. Next GM

    I think they need to go outside of the organization. No Draper, no Martin, no Fedorov, no Yzerman (I don't think he'll come here anyway). The Wings need a house cleaning, and none of those guys would do it. That said, I don't have a legit candidate at this time.
  2. Ken Holland - First to Worst?

    On the roster, Booth. In the top 9, Abdelkader. *I am not upset that Rasmussen didn't make the team, there is no need to rush him this year. However, would a little taste of the NHL hurt? Unless he actually got hurt, no. Also, Hicketts can still develop in GR, he won't sit there and rot.
  3. Ken Holland - First to Worst?

    I thought Rasmussen earned himself a tryout at the beginning of the season. He could have remained with the Wings and played 9 games without burning the first year of his entry level contract. I also thought Hicketts earned himself a roster spot. However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Ken Holland remains GM of the Red Wings.
  4. Which UFA's do the Wings re-sign?

    Maybe Street and Pasquale, for depth.
  5. Former Wings

    Filppula had only one really good year here, when he played on a line with Zetterberg and Hudler. That was a really nice line. I hated losing Eaves, I'd have kept him over Miller, but no doubt the injuries didn't help his cause in KH's overbuilt roster world. The difference between Eaves' and Miller's production since Eaves left, though, is staggering.
  6. Time for a reset/restore

    That is what should have happened with Datsyuk's cap space.
  7. The Streak is officially over

    Of course, rebuilds are no guarantee. Having the best roster in the league is no guarantee either. How many times did the Wings flame out in the first or second round with their All-Star rosters? How many other teams have done the same? Only one in thirty teams can win the Cup every year. The goal is to be competitive enough to have a legitimate chance. Luck and health are obviously needed as well, but those are beyond anyone's control. I think the disconnect between Wings' management and a large portion of the fan base is this: KH & Co. felt they were close enough to being contenders that one or two additions could put them right in the hunt. Many of us fans don't agree. There are pieces to build with, for sure. The problem is, there are too many players being forced to play roles above their capabilities. DeKeyser should not be a top-pairing defenseman. He'd be a good #4. Ericsson should not be anything more than a #6. Kronwall shouldn't be on the PP anymore, at least not regularly. Abdelkader is not a top-6 forward, and neither is Helm. Nyquist and Tatar crumbled when the team leaned on them to carry the offense. Mrazek needs to find consistency at the NHL level, and Howard needs to find consistent health. Ken Holland knew Datsyuk would not be here this season. He had to beg him to stay last year. That said, Holland also knew he had a perfect opportunity to begin to transition his roster. Instead of swallowing Datsyuk's cap hit and going with a younger roster, he locked up Abdelkader, Helm, and DeKeyser long-term, brought back Miller, and brought in Nielsen, Vanek, and Ott. All moves pointing to a GM who believed his team was a playoff team... especially the one where he traded the pick that would have netted him a much-needed potential franchise defenseman. Yet here we sit watching a team with the highest payroll in the league, but only the 25th-highest point total... and the 29th-highest Regulation Win total (16). Even Arizona has won more games in regulation (17). Barely above brutal Colorado, who has 14. THIS. TEAM. IS. NOT. GOOD. I've wanted Holland gone for a number of years now. I don't believe he is willing to make the moves necessary to improve the team in the long term. The Streak (TM), while very impressive, became a focal point--they have said as much--and, in turn, a hindrance. I am glad it is out of the way for that reason, but I need the GM to feel the same way and shake up this roster this summer. Otherwise it ended for nothing. If you can defend Holland, legitimately, with evidence that he's the right man for the job going forward, I'd love to hear it.
  8. Time for a reset/restore

    The rebuild begins with management. If Ken Holland says a rebuild will take 10-15 years, that might be true... for him. I'm sure Chris Ilitch can find someone out there who can do it quicker, who isn't afraid to get rid of mistake contracts (either through trade or buyout), and who isn't afraid to say "Less is NOT more exciting, this will be rough. Please bear with us... we WILL be back."
  9. Value of trade assets.

    I'd love to see Holland unload some of Vanek, Green, Smith, and Tatar at the deadline, getting picks and prospects in return. But we all know that just isn't Holland's style.
  10. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    Holland should have walked out of that press conference without a job. However, I think the Wings (and Tigers) are currently in a state of limbo, much like the Pistons were a few years ago. Mike Ilitch's health has been rumored to be very poor, and the family is waiting until he turns one way or the other before doing anything drastic. Chris Ilitch will take over once his father is gone, but I don't think he'll do much of anything until that happens. So, here we are as fans, stuck with this pile of dung.
  11. Next 8 games may crush this team.

    This team has won 3 of its last 31 games in regulation. 3 of 31. That's godawful. No way this team goes anywhere but down this year. The Streak TM is over, and Holland's reign should be as well. There are only a few tradeable pieces, so a true rebuild will be extremely difficult. Holland's rich loyalty conracts have really put this team over a barrel, and not just in the short-term. KH should be fired now, or at least be restricted from signing any more contracts. His successor will have one of the toughest jobs in sports, trying to restore this team even to mediocrity. The future in "Hockeytown" TM is pretty dark.
  12. joshy207

  13. AA

    Add in the World Cup this year, if Blashill doesn't ration his minutes, he'll be burned out by Christmas.
  14. Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    This was a nice trade for both teams. Arizona got the prospect they coveted and got rid of a player who'll be on LTIR, and it only cost them a 3rd round compensatory pick and the taking on of a cap hit they have PLENTY of room to cover but won't cost them a dime. Detroit got rid of that cap hit and turned 1 pick into 2 while taking on an LTIR contract they can afford to pay. The trade itself, IMO, is a tie. The shootout decision will be determined with the development of the 3 traded picks and what Holland can do with the cap room.
  15. Fixing this mess....

    I never thought Ilitch would get rid of Holland, EVER, but he fired Dombrowski (Tigers GM), so there is hope yet.