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  1. Fans where are you

    Do season ticket holders get price breaks in Anaheim? Also, aside from the economy and competition from other sports teams, it's important to note that the JLA seats almost 3,000 more people than the Honda Center.
  2. So I'm filling out a playoff bracket...

    There's so much parity this year, mostly in the west. I'm expecting to make a lot of wrong predictions. Here goes anyways; West Detroit over the Flames in 6. This could really go either way. With the injuries and our first round stigma, I won't be too suprised if the Flames come out on top. I'm expecting Babcock to outcoach Playfair and I think Hasek can steal a game or two (think 1-0, 2-1) while our offense works out its kinks. Our D should play well even without Kronwall. Anaheim over Minnesota in 6 Van over Dallas in 5. Luongo > Turco SJ over Nashville in 6. I think they're pretty even (assuming Thornton shows up) but SJ has better D. Detroit over Sharks in 7. I think our offense will get going by the 2nd round. Hasek and some extra goals from our fourth liners (Filpulla/Sammy/Franzen/etc.) will give us the edge. Anaheim over Vancouver in 6. Vancouver won't score enough but Luongo might make it interesting. Detroit over Anaheim in 6. Our offense will outperform their's (more depth). Hasek and Jiggy should play pretty evenly. East Buffalo over NYI in 4 (should be a slaughter) Devils over Tampa in 5. Tampa has no goalie. Rangers over Atlanta in 7. Toss-up, but I'll go with Lundqvist. Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 5. I'd love for the Pens to go far but their D isn't good enough. They need Fleury to stand on his head. Buffalo over Rangers in 5. Ottawa over NJD in 6. Brodeur will keep it close but the Devils don't have enough offense to keep up with Ottawa. Buffalo over Sens in 6. Would be entertaining for sure. So much offense. Sabres are deeper. Stanley Cup Finals Buffalo over Detroit in 6. We'll be worn out by now. Buffalo has too much depth and I don't think Hasek can steal us 3-4 wins.