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  1. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Heh, the first 10 pages of this thread is a Holland and Cross bash fest, but once yall see him be productive out there the mood flips 180 degrees. I actually had no idea we picked someone up, haven't been paying attention the last few days... good thing we did though, I don't like having both Wooley and Cheli out there at the same time, too many old timers did us in in 2003 IMO. Puck to the eye of ole Captain Y didn't help either I guess.
  2. Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    One of the few times this season Sheed got too 3 happy. Chauncey did his best to keep us in it, but when Tayshaun, Rip, AND Sheed are no-shows, combined with the fact that we should/could have gone deep into the bench but didn't... we lost. No big deal, I can tolerate a loss for every ten wins. Tonight against KG and the lowly T-Wolves, maybe we can get Tay and Sheed to post up once in a blue moon.
  3. Members photos

    Awww, I love horribly disproportionate pictures!! And how come my pic of me doing myself got taken down? You want something more family friendly?
  4. Members photos

    A pic of me And a pic of me doing myself. Laff. [A bit much. -nn]
  5. Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    I love the Pistons. The Lakers will not win today.
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    I slept from 8 PM till an hour ago. That's weird.
  7. What prospects will make the Wings Next year?

    Lidstrom's overpaid ass is one point from leading defensemen in scoring. He's got 3 solid years left is the way I see it. Maybe 4. Lidstrom, the league's most efficient and intelligent defender, leads all defensemen in power-play points (34) and is a frontrunner to win the Norris Trophy. The King's Lubomir Visnovsky has more points (47 to 46) and a better plus-minus rating (plus-14 vs. plus-5), but the artistry of Lidstrom's game makes him the All-Star.
  8. Grigorenko

    yeah eva, chill out on the cleary/mowers debate. cleary is better than mowers as a fourth line/pk guy. simple as that.
  9. Hudler is on fire!

    If he keeps it up, he'll be playing next season at least... soon as he learns how to finish like that on the NHL level, bring him in!!!
  10. Trade Draper?

    I agree Henkka. Matter of fact, Drapes is my starting Center and team Captain on my NHL2k5 franchise (Yzerman retired of course). Draper has tons of speed, a good shot, and a lot of heart. That'll keep him bleeding red for a long time.