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  2. if he traded away: larkin AA tatar svechnikov hicketts sarijarvi and then kept errorson/smith for some unknown reason. yea, then i would jump off the USS red wing , and swim into open waters, cause i could obviously see the iceberg.
  3. luvmnger

    Thomas Vanek signs 1 year, $2.6m deal with Detroit

    i dont see tatar going anywhere. nyquist is the bait in the equation. even smith too. jurco & pulky have been out on the branch for a while and no one bit on them. they will be frosting to the real deal. i would press buffalo into the howard deal, try and pull a 2nd or good prospect then flip it with nyquist+smith for shatner-kirk & 2nd.
  4. this league is built now around home grown talent. if you trade it away, it reflects worse that hanging on to underachievers too long. remember letting yarnkrok go? (sp) not much has become of him, yet a lot of people freaked out. so holland is damned for keeping them and damned for selling them. he has 29 other "bosses" trying to be better than he is. his reputation of being the best for so long has him in their crosshairs. meanwhile all of his prodigies have moved on to try and out-do him with his playbook. i used to get all worked up about it, but now ive realized, im just a fan. nothing more , nothing less. no amount of bitching is going to change how the "millionaires" handle the business. its my choice to deal with it, or move on.
  5. meh. the days not over yet.
  6. luvmnger

    Lesser FA players.

    i am on the fence about stamkos. on 1 hand, elite sniper dont grow on trees. would be epic to have the loaded gun every single power play. but, his blood clot is an issue, his playoff resume is not good, and he doesn't help on defense. i am almost in the boat of, okposo+eriksson+martin 22 goals 30 goals 10 goals then unload nyquist+smith+jurco +2nd for shattenkirk trade howard for backup goalie +2nd quincey out- oulette in helm out-mantha in sproul/jensen 7th D
  7. luvmnger

    The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

    and we passed on michigan boy max jones eh? he better be good, or jones not so good.
  8. luvmnger

    NHL Chooses Las Vegas for 17-18 Expansion

    while yes, every town does have its "seedy" side of life. this one offers all those "special" benefits standing on italian travertine right next to the armani $10k suit store, the ferrari dealer, and its proud of it! there are no shadows in vegas.
  9. luvmnger

    NHL Chooses Las Vegas for 17-18 Expansion

    living here in Albuquerque, i might actually give vegas a try. having visited a few times, i think it might work out. compare it to a "show" in pricing, it would be one of the cheaper ticket prices in town. my biggest fear about the whole thing is after hours trouble the players can get into. *cough...hudler..cough* a town built on hookers , drinking and gambling will become a hot spot for "girlfriends & addictions" as each team wanders in. imagine probert, visiting vegas 2-4x a year. ahem. tsn can report "corey perry is missing from practice..having a rash looked into." "patrick kane has been arrested for starting a fight with 16 spring breakers from Tennessee" " dustin bufuglien has left the game early in the 3rd period, his tickets for "blue man group" have him seating at 8:30 showing" etc...
  10. luvmnger

    Petition to change Lil Caesars Arena to Gordie Howe Arena

    they should seriously take a step back and reconsider the naming. if the whole plaza/neighborhood is owned by them, they could easily work this together. Little Caesars presents Gordie Howe Arena they could "present" each and every area named. lindsay marketplace, delvecchio shopping district, abel parking, sawchuck apartments...etc. if you made your mark with pizza & hockey...well, put them together and work it out! the money is there. every business card, every letterhead, every single piece of contract and notoriety gets the "Little Caesars presents" attached to it.
  11. i would bet that there has been some family "disturbance" in the last 6 months to cause the problem. pav has always been private about his life, and definitely wouldn't start talking about it now if this was the case. im thinking he is between the rock & hard place now, and this is his best solution. or he is sick of the lack of concern for the team from management...and said "#*^k it".. im going home.
  12. luvmnger

    16/17 offseason

    backes & brower losing dats & richards. thats about it. KH wont do much more than that. unless illitch calls him into the principals office.
  13. luvmnger

    Jim Bedard gone... Ferschweiler demoted

    yes! make it happen. i kept hearing his name all season for doing a "great job" squaring away goalies with checkered pasts.
  14. luvmnger

    Kentucky Derby: Nyquist

    hockey porn.