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  1. I've heard he's one of the most underrated players in hockey a couple times. If all of the above is true, getting him for $5m a season is fantastic.
  2. Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    For real. Can't blame Helm either...after Kenny hands out years like Halloween candy to Abby, you know Helm came to the table wanting 5 years.
  3. Thomas Vanek signs 1 year, $2.6m deal with Detroit

    That's what's scary though...if he scores 30, Kenny will give him $6m for 5 years.
  4. Stamkos to... Tampa

    The problem, to me, is what exactly are we going for? We needed Stamkos AND a top 2 defenseman to be a legit team and we probably won't get either now. Everybody thinks the Datsyuk trade was a coo, as it was, but only if we sign anyone worthwhile. The player I thought might drop and the type player we needed was Chychrun. Having a potential top-2 guy, a two way force on D, was too good to be true at 16. When I refreshed my page and seen that Pheonix took him, I said right there, unless we get Stamkos, this could end up really bad. Then we had to go and pick a Blake Wheeler/Mark Jankowski admitted 5 year project kid, when we needed someone now to have any hope of keeping ourselves on an upward plane. Now, after we gambled and lost, were set up to have more of the same. A friend and I were talking earlier and wondered if we should start taking bets now on how many of the Holland-isms we will have to deal with this summer. It started when he conceded that we wouldn't be able to trade Howard...and it just seems like it's going to continue with "we reached out to this guy, we liked that guy...but in the end, prices were high and we like our team".
  5. Stamkos to... Tampa

    For Real...Alfie was a great signing.
  6. Stamkos to... Tampa

    I have that feeling. I think we'll overpay Frans Nielsen too, if given the chance.
  7. The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

    This. Obviously I'm no NHL Scout but it really seemed like there were safer picks with just as high of ceilings on the board. I felt like I should ha known after that trade that he'd blow the pick. Feels like Kindl...I really hope i'm wrong. Larkin was "Helm with hands" and no one really thought he would do what he did.
  8. Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    Honestly, this deal was great and it's hard to complain. I don't know anything about the kid we just picked but Chychrun seemed like the guy that could have reshaped the future of our defense. Maybe Holland thinks super highly of the kid we just picked but I cant help but think of what the Wings would look like in three years with a "Scott Stevens type" on our back end.
  9. Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

    I was really hoping Chychrun would fall to us...and then we traded the pick and Pheonix took him, lol. That said, this is definitely Holland's best move in a long, long time. Never thought we get out of it that easy.
  10. Matt Wuest Prospect Tournament Thread

    I missed his first goal...was trying to find a seat but I just saw it in the YT clip. I'll have to find the minute mark but there is a play that, at the time, I thought was his best play of the game. He had the puck and circled around with possession for awhile in front of CHI net. But the telling thing, upon re watching it it on the YT clip is what he does as soon as he looses the puck. He just gets lost...skates off and watches the play. Where he's at, he should have went right to the front of the net to get a rebound. If he doesn't get the puck in the offensive zone, it's like he doesn't even care that he has it. I watched guys battle him, take the puck, and it's like he just isn't big deal. Hicketts lost the puck to a guy and got so pissed that he ran him, the guy crushed him, but he still got up and went after him. When Larkin loses the puck to a guy, good luck dealing with him afterwards. Mantha doesn't have that bone in his body.
  11. Matt Wuest Prospect Tournament Thread

    Ok guys... I was there the first two days and had an absolute blast. Talked to Brodeur, Peverly, Wallin, Adam Graves, Barry Smith, Dave Taylor, Draper, Maltby, Ken Hitchcock, etc and thats just the guys i talked to. I watched both games super closely though and here's my take... 1. Dylan Larkin - Played what seemed like double shifts. Took every important draw. Hustles like a mad man...was clearly the highest upside kid out there, but just short of dominated. 2. Jake Paterson (goalie) - Way better than his scouting reports. Just short of dominated. Super solid, never rattled. 3. Andreas Athanasiou - Easily the most advanced kid on the ice. Crazy hustle, super fast, good hands. Would be a lock to make the team if we hadn't of signed Cleary, while already having too many forwards. 4. Tyler Bertuzzi - Wasn't a dominant as last year. Wasn't nearly as noticeable. One of the only kids to consistently get physical though. 5. Joe Hicketts - Hockey's Dustin Pedroia. Leader, solid, driven but tiny. When he coughed up the puck, he got pissed and went after the guy only to get leveled. Never quits though. 6. Ville Saarijarvi - Looks like Pulkkinen. Quite poised for being 18. 7. Evgeni Svechnikov - Super stoked that we drafted him. Is built as well as any of our kids, if not better. Classic Wings type player...two way guy, 200 ft game, with real nice upside. Last but certainly least... Anthony Mantha - I watched him closer than any kid there. Total letdown. Looks worse than last year. Had a goal but doesn't look like he even cares about playing. Coasts the entire game. Almost never wins battles. Kids that are Joe Hicketts size beat him to pucks and in battles. Im not convinced the kid will ever play more than a handful of games in the league let alone ever dominate. I don't see him having more than 45-50 points in GR, tops. All the terrible scouting reports from his draft year, that i really couldn't believe, are spot on. Has the size, reach, skill, etc to be Corey Perry 2.0 but he has less spunk than Franzen, if thats possible. When he got that chance to score you could tell that he kicked it into "now I'm going to try mode"...and he scored. Its so frustrating watching him...its everything that drives us nuts about Franzen but he doesn't have the confidence that Franzen has. fyi...its hard to see, but my Wife and two kids are in the first row in view during the big fight. Also, in person, that fight was awesome. I haven't saw a good tilt like that in awhile. As for other teams, i watched Dallas, Carolina, and St. Louis. Carolina - Tolchinsky. Tiny but he has great hands and is quite confident with the puck. Dallas - Deep team. Stephen Johns is a beast; poised. Julius Honka was the best young D I watched at the tourney. Jan mark didn't do anything special. St. Louis - Robbi Fabbri.
  12. I like them though...GM's have figured out how to minimize risk. I love this deal. Point producing, puck moving RH shot at very minimal cost.
  13. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    You're right. You're so many teams have blew it by doing that. But like i was saying, I would bet that Yzerman would have been still more of an Assistant than given the full reigns, even if he were named GM. If Holland would have accepted it, insure he still would have had a lot of say in decisions and not let Yzerman make a ton of rookie mistakes.
  14. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Thanks sure you got some more venom for me. I stopped several posts ago. My response to you was only for perspectives sake...because they are very different scenarios, even if the structure is the same. I think you're right. Ilitch could have MADE it happen...but i don't think he's that type of guy. And I think, as I said in a previous post, that Holland still would have had significant say in what went on, so it wouldn't exactly be like completely handing Stevie the reigns. PS...If no one has got the point yet, i didn't use my age as some ultimate stick of authority. Clearly I'm not old or know everything. I said it because i wanted to back up my point that i wasn't judging on "vibes" and that i have a long history of playing and following the game enough to not base a judgement on how feel every 10 minutes.
  15. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Dellevano stepped aside for Holland, if I'm not mistaken. Its not unheard of. Also, although I'm sure Yzerman wanted it...Ilitch wanted him to have it. Ilitch wanted Yzerman to stay. And i personally am not heartbroken Yzerman runs the show in TB...Im glad he got to be the guy somewhere. I just believe if Ilitch and the fans would have had their first choice, he would have stayed.
  16. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    I hope we do in one way, but I'm terrified that a name we can't stomach see leave will be leaving to make it happen. Edmonton wants blood for Jeff Petry (?!?)...a guy they scratched earlier this year. I think Zidlicky is the only one we could get without mortgaging the future and i personally think thats the guy we should get anyway.
  17. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Case in point, in reference to my inability to be swayed (sarcasm)... I forgot about Holland holding the Director of Amateur Scouting position at that time...which is certainly impressive. Even since Holland has been making bad trades...they have done a masterful job of rebuilding through scouting/draft. My point was (although i can see where i did a bad job of getting it across) was that we can't say with must accuracy that we can credit Holland for that. There are so many moving pieces with scouting/drafting...but there isn't nearly as much in trading. Obviously that isn't the same situation. I understand your logic, but your trainee wasn't Steve Yzerman. Your boss wasn't Ilitch and you aren't making a truckload of money to run a sports team.
  18. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    I don't take it as not being a pushover...i view it as selfish. Sure, it his job. A job that he's had 4 times as long as 95% of GM's. That said, he knew what Yzerman meant to this franchise, the city, and to the Ilitch family. I'm sure he would have been paid as much. If he was so unhappy, most teams would have hired him id imagine. But he HAD to be the GM at the expense of Yzerman leaving...most likely to not return. That, to me, isn't balls...its almost disrespectful to the wishes of the owner and the fans.
  19. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    I appreciate your response. Thanks for being decent...and I only said "thanks for playing" because i was clearly being called out and disrespected before hand. I felt like the person i quoted was being unneccessarily instigating.
  20. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Doesn't mean i disrepect others. Geez.
  21. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    The problem with entire conversations in text, is clearly, where you insert cockiness where none was implied. You say outright that you devalue anything I say and i got that sense immediately. Just because something is clearly stated doesn't mean I wouldn't listen to another opinion. If you cared enough, which you already said you don't, you look back and see that (i believe) my second post in this topic was me saying that I'm starting to soften on the deal (in no small part to other people's arguments). But you've already decided who I am and what i meant.
  22. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars "Stevie Y wants to become a GM; we'd love to have him as a GM,'' Ilitch said. "I keep telling Kenny, 'Hey, I want to move you up to president.' He goes, 'I don't want to be a president, I want to be a GM.' So he's going to stay there as GM.'' Holland made it clear he is happy at his current post, which he has held since 1997. "I'm the general manager, I don't have any interest in becoming president,'' Holland said. "I'm a general manager, that's what I was hired to do.'' Thanks for the attitude.
  23. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    You guys are fascinating today...i didn't call you or anyone other than that kid into question. I respect a lot of the people that post here because they post rational, fact based, respectful responses...I just thought his response ("....just because the vibes Holland gives off tell you that he's a crappy gm") was not accurate and was not what i said. But please go back two needlessly making me into "that guy"
  24. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Wow...missing the point much? Holland clearly is regarded as a good GM. Im sure he learned something...that said, I believe he's overrated because of the team he used to have around him. Same way that people still debate Roy over Brodeur even though Marty has way more stats to back his claim. Marty's stats were skewed by the system he was in. Roy's weren't, generally. That doesn't mean Brodeur wasn't a great just means he may not be what people think. I Marty would have been traded to the Isles in ' may be a completely different conversation. I think if Holland took over Carolina right now...we'd see him a lot differently. I don't think he would go into there like Nill went into to Dallas.
  25. Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Ah well...that happened to Datsyuk once too...