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  1. ACCORDING TO A PROFILE ii READ 11-28-06- Assigned to the Langnau Tigers Switzerland
  2. Won't even make it to the playoffs Babcock gets the boot
  3. Well if it is a joke why even bother starting a useless thread He hasn't been right yet and it's more than an hour ha ha ha
  4. last year it was Sept. 6 in Traverse City, Mich. so your jumping the gun already
  5. December - Dave Wolf !!!!! forget ya bud
  6. Read More San Antonio Rampage 2 at GRAND RAPIDS GRIFFINS 4
  7. seems they do not draw only a couple of sell outs during the season Red and White game usually draws well and the opening game of the season than it goes down Even being with the Red Wings you would think the attendence would have be tops not so AHL just isn't an exciting league to watch compared to the IHL I have seen more exciting ECHL and UHL game to tell you the truth look at the AHL attendence overall not very good for a league that is 70 years old cough cough
  8. Cory Cross Profile also NHL Trade Deadline
  9. THAT IS TOTAL NONSENSE J.S. Giguere is off and has been for two years where have you been?? He reminds me of Crazy Eddie throwing fits and actually argueing with the coach while on the ice that isn't very sound in my opinion
  10. Son of a Wing dumbest poll ever ha ha not !!!!!!!!
  11. Here's the article