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  2. Sorry to bother again, but does anybody have a online link to watch the game? Many thanks!
  3. I dont get NBC in Switzerland. So I have to find a stream...
  4. does anybody have a link? Thanks
  5. Maybe my explanation wasn't clear. I wanted to say that the talent for every position is spread according to a normal distribution among all the players that play that position. Therefore if you have way more forwards than goalies chances are hight that you also have more talented forwards than talented goalies. Of course this applies to absolute terms, relatively you will get the same amount of talent. I think this situation is similar to why bigger nations have more talented athletes (in general) than smaller countries. If you have a bigger pool to draw from you will get more talented players. Obviously the wealth, culture, etc of the nations does also play a vital role, but I guess you get my point...
  6. I am not sold on this. When you start playing hockey your position is not solely determined by your skills. Kids who adore a certain player are more likely to try to play his position.
  7. And why do you think this is the case? Do only "more talented" kids start playing as a goalie? My guess would be that the talent is spread according to a normal distribution among all the different positions as it usually always is as the population becomes big enough. So I dont see a reason why the goalies pool should be less diluted...
  8. I will try to explain the point this way: There are 12 forwards, 6 dmen and 2 goalies in a team. Do you agree that the percentage of kids / players in general that start playing hockey "roughly" equals this distribution between the different positions? In this case being in the top 10 goalies is not as impressive as being in the top 10 forwards simply because you face less competitors. However, being in the top 10 percent is obviously equallz impressive for goalies and forwards. Does that make sense?
  9. Your point is taken but I guess this is what happens if you join an internet forum of another fanbase. Some here are willing to actually discuss hockey with others will automatically call you troll and start calling you names if you do not agree that the red wings are the best team in the world. I know it is sad but that's the way it is... I am sure the situation on your board is similiar.
  10. Ahh there you go
  11. then why was it a penalty?
  12. Wouldn't this be unsportsmanlike conduct?
  13. I agree with you that his attitude seems to be rather cocky. But most people attack his way of posting instead of discussing his (in my opinion valid) point that he made in his first post.
  14. C'mon guys not liking the charakter of that guy or the way he behaves in this topic is one thing. But one can not really argue the point that he makes regarding class vs grit issue.
  15. Are you saying that his opinion in general (regardless of what subject it is on) is worth less?