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  1. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    sorry to bother you again .......did you get my email ??? if anyone knows golfpar57 can you tell him to email me back ?
  2. Nashville and Edmonton interested in Datsyul

    wouldnt trade him to nashville for anyone they got to offer id trade him for smyth and somehow if possible get ales hemsky involved in the trade it also says keith carney is on the trading block ,anyone know how much hes making ? i cant imagine it being over 2 million, and hes a solid d man , id trade scheider after and save 1 mill
  3. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    cool thx dude
  4. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    ya i use to have alot of old cards but my mom threw them out when we moved , i was so pissed lol i had a gretzky rookie a friend gave me back then i stopped collectin cards 10 yrs ago , id say the best card i have right now even though its not worth much at the moment is a barry bonds rookie , im just checkin out some new cards like that for a friend and a few wings prospects that have potential
  5. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    thanks dude i just emailed u
  6. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    i did but i havent gotten cards in 10 yrs that i dont even know whats the players real rookie cards or real sets is 2004-2005 itg heroes & prospects a real hockey set listed in the beckett ?? or some junior set thats not listed and basically doesnt count
  7. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    yes i look at it at a hobby but i dont wanna get ripped off and pay more then its worth or more then i would have to
  8. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    can anyone at all help me out ?
  9. HOCKEY CARDS ....

    umm dont know if this belongs on this section but i was wondering if anyone here collects cards and would happen to have the recent beckett , im thinkin bout getting a few cards but i dont know if there really the rookie cards or how much there worth if someone here would be able to help me and list some of the rookie cards and prices for ..... pavel datsyuk henrik zetterberg niklas kronwall jiri hudler kari lehtonen tuomo ruutu id really appreciate it alot! thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! and also 2004-2005 itg heroes & prosects can anyone tell me if its a set thats actually listed in the beckett?
  10. Valtteri Filppula impresses.

    umm what if datsyuk comes back we put them up in different lines and try filppula on the right wing, what do you guys think ?? zetterberg lang draper shanahan datsyuk filppula holmstrom hudler yzerman maltby franzen williams what do you guys think ?? shanahan comin to the 2nd line would have someone there to stand up for datsyuk/filppula if need be and hudler on the 3rd line can learn from the kind stevie which could only help(and itll be most likely the last chance since stevie might be gone next year) and holmstrom there also is another guy to stand up for him if need be as well
  11. Training Camp Roster

    awesome filppula got another goal and howard played good good stuff
  12. Valtteri Filppula impresses. With or without Datsyuk, however, the Wings always were going to have some new faces in their lineup, especially up front on the third and fourth lines. Though much could change between now and opening night on Oct. 5, Babcock came away from this past week's rookie training camp with a favorable impression of center Valtteri Filppula, Detroit's third choice (95th overall) in the 2002 draft. He has emerged as a candidate to stay in Detroit. as you can read above it says theres a good chance he might play with us this season, a part of me would love to see him on the 3rd line with stevie , but another part of me thinks he'd be better off playing more in grand rapids what do you guys think?
  13. Rumor: Steve Thomas signs with Wings

    no way thomas is coming back to detroit,he's going back to the leafs

    i know hes been strugglin for a while now , just went and check on and hes not even on the page anymore , has he sucked that bad and fell completly off the face of the earth ? or did we get rid of him ? just curious