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  1. Son of Foote -- that long lost TMNT/Bruce Lee crossover I've been yearning for. Have I talked about my #hotasianwife yet?
  2. Honestly, I think Holland is s***ting his pants when it comes to anything these days. Doesn't know how to operate in the the NHL. ...either that or it's the sake bombs and sapporo talking.
  3. You don't say. Hey, at least someone is #winning this draft. EXCEPT WE'RE ALL LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah, there isn't a need to move him. It's pretty much stated by LeBrun the only way they're moving him is if they get "wow'ed" by an offer. What I'm reading from your "wouldn't overpay for him" is "not really the top tier defenseman we're looking for." I don't have a good read on the guy which is why I'm asking what people think it would take to get him, and whether we should make an offer to begin with...
  5. So, if you think Vatanen is worth it, put together your "stepped up" offer to convince the Ducks to trade him?
  6. I'm unsure that Helm ever had hands, but I certainly do remember a time when a lot of folks were hoping that he'd be a top player.
  7. ...s***ty gets edited.
  8. Those two things are not necessarily independent from one another. ...just because he had a subpar season last year doesn't mean you think he should be exposed and possibly given away.
  9. They want out from under that five for five deal.
  10. The year is 2020. Exactly. If anyone's on a short leash around here I want it to be Ken Holland. No "new to you" veteran forwards!
  11. TSN doing their very best for you: http://www.tsn.ca/live-blog-expected-vegas-picks-1.785246
  12. Baseless or not, it's a pretty s***ty move. I don't see how it benefits us at all. We've devalued the player even further. No one wanted to trade for him before why would they give us anything at all now. The only way to get a decent return on him is if he plays well for us... and now that we've basically tried to bounce him out of town... what motivation would there be for him to anything other than that. Play lights out hockey, make it known you want out, force our hand to take what we can get. We've clearly screwed the pooch on this.
  13. So beat writers are the mouthpiece for Ken Holland? Great. Nothing like direct communication and transparency when you have the beat writers to do your work for you. Especially when your handpicked mouthpiece says that our Nosek being picked over the more experienced NHL talent we have is an indictment of the team and talent... but whatever... maybe it IS time for Ken Holland to go. I'm still not sure this is the way that you go about "dealing with it." We now have a goaltender who, in all likelihood, will be playing well enough to raise his trade value and get out of town. Yay! Guess that complete rebuild will be happening sooner than later!
  14. I'm not trying to take away from anyone's self-created narrative to build up or take down a player. Have your fun. I blame the writers looking for a scoop not you. Except CRL. You're just straight-up evil, bruh.
  15. All of which has been overhyped by placing it under a microscope, over-analyzed, and repeated. Until I read a statement from his teammates, coaches, or Ken Holland that Mrazek has a bad attitude, is a problem in the locker room, or is uncoachable, the it all remains speculation from writers amplified by fan bias.