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  1. I always thought he was KMFQ. Michael Foster.
  2. *ahem* *Points at wings_fanatic*
  3. I still think both of these goalies would look a hell of a lot better if the team in front of them played with some consistency and then we really would have a problem with who should be starting. Granted, injuries all around have made this a bit difficult, but the whole, "Mrazek won a game! He's clearly our number one." "Mrazek let in four. Pull him out!" "Jimmeh dah man! All-Star Material" "Howard with another third period breakdown." All of this is irrational knee-jerk analysis when the team in front of BOTH OF THEM continues to play poorly.
  4. I understand your desire for Mrazek to get starts, possibly proving that Blashill should keep rolling with him, and maybe finally showing that he's our number one. I can even understand why you'd be glad when Howard gets traded, but I'll never understand why you'd be glad to see a player on the team that you supposedly root for get injured. ...but don't worry I'm not telling you "how to fan." Glenny's only on that second line because AA is injured. Jurco's been back how many games? Let's let him get his feet underneath him before we go putting him on the second line.
  5. This. This. A Thousand Times This. I do not want Hartley, Hitchock, Gallant, Crawford, or Wilson.
  6. Do they need to bring anyone up? It'd be nice to see Jensen, but my guess is he'd just sit anyway. DK-Green Ericsson - Sproul Kronwall - XO Yeah, haven't seen any AA update of late.
  7. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2016/11/red_wings_brendan_smith_out_ab.html#incart_most-commented_redwings_article Looks as if Smitty will be out for about a month. Little Bert is still being evaluated. Left the stadium on crutches in a boot. Marchenko still at least a week away.
  8. Agreed. ...but that's why I'm wondering if he's capable of selling. Will his mentality always be: Make the playoffs see where we go... even if he doesn't buy? Like you, I don't condone taking per se, but I do see standing pat or "liking our team" too much as dooming our forseeable future to a continuation of having a middling on ice product. We may never get our hands on one of those elusive number one d-men through a hockey trade. We just don't have the expendable assets that teams really want. I absolutely believe that Ken Holland needs to find the guts to trade away pieces that other teams will want for their prospective playoff runs for picks, prospects, and/or expiring contracts, if ours is truly out of reach or destined for a first round exit.
  9. Serious question: When was the last time the Red Wings "sold" at the deadline, if ever? Furthermore, is Ken Holland capable of selling?
  10. Agreed Mabus. It'll really depend on where we are sitting in the standings. I don't imagine Holland will trade him if there's any chance that we're making the playoffs. I voted trade him then try to re-sign. This will all depend on what other moves Holland makes or plans to make.
  11. When was the last time anyone had a ref measure an illegal stick? Back when BobRouse was actually playing?
  12. Don't forget about the recapture penalty tho' ... That's one of the reasons why I don't want him retiring nor going anywhere else and then deciding he'd rather not be playing than not playing for the Red Wings.
  13. Has this ever stopped Ken Holland from re-signing a player before? Also a serious question. Who cares what Holland wants/feels. I don't want Z protected, I also don't want to lose him to LV.
  14. The Captain isn't coming back. Not anytime soon.
  15. Absolutely, with all of those qualifiers, we certainly would have to give pause for Jurco's future with the club. Still, it would be doubtful that he'd be protected. Unless we make a whole bunch of trades or other guys expose themselves to the draft. Thankfully (?) the expansion draft isn't today.