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  1. Expectations were high, certainly, but what can you do? Honestly, this is where guys like Tatar or Nyquist are going to get moved. Teams can realistically look at where they'll stand for next year with cap and what their outlook might be. Also, I don't think we're really going to have to worry about moving up in the draft. Unless we get hosed in the lottery, we've got a pretty damn good pick sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. This. A GAZILLION TIMES THIS.
  2. Depends on FLA's cap situation. Either way, it's pretty meaningless for us... and yeah, just goes to show that the demand for Vanek wasn't as much as we all hoped and certainly not what NHL's finest trade prognosticators speculated. I just like the fact that he's cut from a different mold than our other D. When was the last time we had a big bodied d-man with some real snarl. (Nobody better point to Ericsson)
  3. Rugged third pairing guy with some real snarl with a desire to prove himself and stick with a team. Why the hell not?
  4. ...because if we ain't complain' ... IT AIN'T LGW!
  5. At 1:07pm -- Incomplete. ...but I'm giving your post an A++ Dickie. I see some positivity from your POV. Refreshing!
  6. Armchair GMs always make the trade and always do it better.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what/if any trade happens with Vrbata. Thought he was going to go before Vanek and would dictate pricing for Vanek.
  8. Depends on the actual twitter source.
  9. Can you trade a guy who's suspended anyway? Was this Nyquist's plan all along? Get an extra year with a NTC?
  10. Is there like a trade wand for all these wishes you guys got?
  11. Cally gets the call now that we've got a spot. There's a silver lining for all you folks upset about the Ott trade. Heart and Energy guy gets replaced with a YOUNGER Heart and Energy guy.
  12. Niiice. ...with nothing to lose. Let the kids play,
  13. I don't want to move Green at this point. We're all having a lovely lovely dream if we think Ericsson is getting moved. He's injured. ...and as far as Kronwall goes... that cap recapture looms if he decides to retire retire and not LITRetire for us. I'd rather have him playing a smaller role for us over the next couple years or have his cap sitting on LITR than having it count against us for nothing if he decided to retire after being traded.
  14. I'm thinking the only way that Sheahan gets moved today is for a first or if a sweet ol' hockey trade comes down the pike. Vanek should be moved. GIT ER DUN KENNY BOY!!