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  1. Depth. What a horrible thing to have!! I mean, realistically, if we can't get an upgrade on defense having two studs in the net can go along way to help propel this team pretty far.
  2. Did someone say my name??
  3. I don't love either of those guys, but I really want PK to do well to piss off all his haters.
  4. Mabus -- Two years ago, I finally got "real" television after years without. Prior to that I did A LOT of really bad streaming that was terribly frustrating or I would hit the bar to watch games (...sometimes problematic in a completely different way... anyway) Initially I just had regular cable, but along with MSNBC, I had MSG network, as I was living in New York. I spent a lot of time with the Isles (love 'em) and Rags (hate 'em). ...neither the Devils nor Sabres gave me much interest at the time. (The Devils still don't.) I do still go out of my way to watch Isles games. They were my "hometown" team when Detroit was still in the West. Also, at the start it was also very easy to root for them because they were terribad and when they'd win it was a hell of a lot of fun. When they lost it was really easy to not really care about how they were doing because they weren't really my team. Two years ago, I had Center Ice and watched entirely too much hockey. Every night. Every team. Flipping between games and not really watching ANY game all the way through. I'm back in Detroit now and relegated to MSNBC and FSD for the time being. Trying to figure out how to stream CBC because I'd like to watch more of the Jets and Oilers. For now, I'll take what I can get, but I'm tending to watch/focus on whichever team seems to be "hot" just so I can see what's working for them and how different teams make their compliment of players work and matchup against other teams. Knowing how the league works, how other teams operate, and how they play on the ice has become part of my everyday hockey fandom. Wings still matter the most over everyone else, but they're not my end-all/be-all of hockey.
  5. #badgesfriday BADGES! WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING... wait... that's kinda nice, actually.
  6. Not that I agree, but I'm assuming this speaks of the Wings. Try it this way, regarding the Jets. They have played better than their record indicates. If it wasn't for goaltending they could easily have one or two more wins. *coughJimmyHowardcough*
  7. Also, can you really draft top end talent if you're not drafting at the top?
  8. Came here specifically to post this, but Kick beat me to it. Currently we sit 6th in the league. 3rd in the division. 4 -2 in 6 games over ten days. What a start. Amen. I actually considered going to the game last night with my brother who's in town for the weekend... and we were both, well... it's a back to back against the team that made it to the cup finals last year... maybe... MAYBE WHAT YOU DUMBASSES. SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE GULLDURN GAME. IDIOTS! I just can't quit Ericsson. I DO wish the NHL had contract restructuring. I love him on the 3rd. Hate his salary on the 3rd.
  9. Wait we're getting Shatty, Fowler, AND Trouba? Speaking of being high on something... how about Sproul!?
  10. That was nyquististhefuture not Lefty.
  11. Everytime I don't watch... Drew Milller scores. What kind of fan club president am I?
  12. Agreed, but I'd probably still trade him for Trouba.
  13. ...and this:
  14. I'm just gonna leave this here: