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  1. Haven't we devoted enough pages to a guy who can't make the top team in the Central Divison?
  2. Don't you mean Blashill singlehandedly destroyed Sheahan and Larkin's (along with a couple other Wings) 2017 campaign? Crosby? He's too old. I'll take McDavid. Please and thank you.
  3. Wasn't my point.
  4. I just think sending a guy -- a 26 year old, big bodied center, no less -- who's having a bad year off to play for a team (a freaking division rival) with a coach, who supposedly loves him and his style of play, whom under he had his best year for anything LESS than a first round pick is screaming SCREAMING!! to bite Holland in the ass. ...and for all of LGW to say, "told you so." ...but that's just pragmatic me.
  5. Leafs fans still screaming, "No! Please! No!!" Wings fans, "Yes! Please yes! Doesn't even have to be for a first round pick!!!"
  6. Further breakdown of Hanzal/White deal :
  7. Per Craig Custance on Twitter:
  8. Hanzal headed to Minny.
  9. Agreed Kliq. Also... there's no real details on TSN. No idea what's going back to Tampa.
  10. Your record is skipping.
  11. How many pages did we have on Drew Effin' Miller? Jarnkrok? How many Dan Cleary threads did we have? if you don't wanna discuss this... there's probably a need for a new McJesus thread to be created, amirite?
  12. Other than being a fan of the team (which Shattenkirk supposedly is) and living in NYC, I don't know why anyone in their right mind is going to the Rags. Their window is closing fast.
  13. Per Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Despite being in the playoff race, it sounds like the Blues will be moving defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Blues would like to get at least two pieces in a deal, a first round pick and a prospect. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals have spoken with the Blues about Shattenkirk. It’s believed Shattenkirk will sign with the Rangers this offseason. -- A first and a prospect is a hefty price for any team, but especially the Rangers. They don't have a lot of prospect depth and as he's likely to sign with you in the off-season... why would you give the Blues both a first and a prospect?
  14. Hot take!! I do not disagree! Plainly and simply, the Wings need to give guys they expect to play a certain role the opportunity to play that role. If their expectation was that Jurco was going to be a bottom-six grinder they should have given up on that experiment a while ago. If their expectation was that he was going to be a top-six scoring winger they needed to give him more time and opportunity in that role.
  15. Rags can't really pay the price that the Blues currently want for Shatty. Thusfar there's been no real speculation on return for Smith presented by anyone who might be "in the know."