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  1. Grigorenko

    I was trying to not push his skill value way above his head...he has already been compared to kovalchuk in this thread.
  2. Grigorenko

    Yeah i think comparing him to Kovalchuk might be going a little too far. Hopefully he can just return to his previous form, and get his ass over here next year. We need some right wingers.
  3. Grigorenko

    Hes probably about the size of Lapointe...The Russian Bulldog. Hopefully with more offense though.
  4. Nashville and Edmonton interested in Datsyul

    Comparable to Bure, are you kidding me??? You say Smyth is an average player that is a joke as well, hes a gritty player who is clutch on the powerplay. Datsyuk is no where near comparable to Bure in his earlier years. Datsyuk isnt putting in 60 goals a year.