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  1. archemedes

    Michigan Sucks.

    Michigan is struggling this season, it happens. I watch them becasue I'm a fan of the team and school.If you only watch when they are winning your not a fan (I also watch the lions and have most of my life, I know they are not that great, but I still root for them)
  2. archemedes

    Can Notre Dame upset the Trojans?

    still crying over spilled milk. If Michigan State had a kicker whom could kick....say....a 23 yard field goal, you would be crying over that game too. ITS OVER....DEAL WITH IT!!! yep if's don't win.If the lions had great players tehy might win too
  3. archemedes

    Alan Trammell gets fired

    it's the way he said he had no idea what it was about
  4. archemedes

    MLB Playoffs

    even in Atlanta the Braves aren't expected to do much in the playoffs (at least in the past when I lived there)
  5. archemedes

    Alan Trammell gets fired

    I knew it was comming after I saw the report yeasterday that Tram had a meeting today, that's usually a get out of dodge type meeting.I think they should have given him another year, and a couple of pitchers first
  6. archemedes

    Can Notre Dame upset the Trojans?

    double post
  7. archemedes

    Can Notre Dame upset the Trojans?

    if they play it like they are capable they have a shot,I'd say about a 30% chance (I'd love if they beat tehm though)
  8. archemedes

    Brad Ference?

    they are a million times better than when I started really watching (about '79)
  9. archemedes

    Michigan State Fans' Confessional

    michigan state still has a better overall record than michigan...hence why michigan state is higher than michigan. Pollsters love notre dame..thats why they are always high when they are no different than a lot of other teams. that's the problem with college football no playoffs so everything is subjective (I still find the strength of schedule thing laughable since when they do that part noone has played yet) all the other college sports have a playoff series
  10. archemedes

    Brad Ference?

    sorry I made an error, my point is the team much better now than they were.You want the first guy with size, there are guys who may be available (a good gm can find them)so when they get someone what will be your complaint (you seem to be the type I have worked around my whole life who have to complain about the wings for some reason)
  11. archemedes

    NFL Talk

    even teh tv announcers said it wasn't conclusive.The question is and has been what constitutes possesion, evidently in that case it meant having the ball tucked (so does that eliminate the diving touchdown since the ball isn't tucked?)
  12. archemedes

    Brad Ference?

    I'm saying don't add a guy to do nothing but fight that is not hockey that's what children add a multi dimensional player (Like what Howe was) The keep saying they are going to start calling the rules (they haven't, but shouldn't the coaches prepare as if they will?)There aren't many players who fit the role, but to add a detriment to the lineup to fill a role that really isn't that important (you'd think everyone currently on the roster was made of glass the way you guys talk)you guys keep talking like Holland doesn't know what he's doing, but he's built one of the top franchises in the league from garbage (the team was worse than Washington is before Ilitch bought them)I wonder if you guys will ever be happy with team management
  13. archemedes

    Brad Ference?

    Another ignoramous... Getting toughness does not mean getting a guy who'll put us on the penalty kill night in and night out. Every other team in the league has one or two toughguys, look at NJ, they have 3 tough guys, their GM has won more cups then Kenny Boy (I know, hard to believe). Bowman is on record as saying we need at least one enforcer, even Holland has said it, so your argument is tired and old. I do agree, there are quite a few guys who would hurt us by collecting penalties and acting like an idiot, but there are so many more...guys like Oliwa, Simon, Laraque etc...who would help immensely, they can play a fourth line grinder role, and give our team some confidence....the last SC Finals matchup had 2 teams with toughguys playing on 1st thru the 4th lines....Lastly, Sean Avery is an enforcer in your mind only it seems sorry I believe a hockey player should play hockey not fight only (if he can't score, or defend he's a figure skating boxer and deserves to be out of the league) I hate people saying a team has to have a fighter, if I want to see a fight I watch boxing.Keep in mind there are rules that limit fighting (they haven't been enforced, but they are there)such as the wording of instigator (you chase a guy to fight him it's supposed to be an instigator penalty)I used Avery as an example since he is known to take alot of penalties.It seems if it was up to you there would be one skilled player and a bunch of goons on each team. The wings will get someone who can fill both roles well enough they don't need a guy who appears mediocre at best.We really didn't have an enforcer the last season but did pretty well (until playoffs, which may be taken care of with coaching)
  14. archemedes

    Brad Ference?

    you want a tough guy go sign a boxer.I want a guy who plays hockey not drop the gloves every chance he gets and keep the team on the penalty kill.(he has 540 some pims too in 245 games. Avery who is supposed to take a ton of stupid penalties has 482 in163 games (see the resemblance?)
  15. archemedes

    Michigan State Fans' Confessional

    Smith is going to be like Cooper at Ohio State: I say if he doesn't beat UM next year he gets canned.... No way JLS gets canned just for not beating UofM. He's done a great job of recruiting and coaching, and the school won't neglect what he's done. I know there used to be a requirement for MSU coaches have a winning record against UM, it shows you can't win the big games (supposedly)