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  1. Grigorenko

    Grigorenko is from Togliatti, Russia. This city is west of Moscow, and is considered part of Asia. So, he is not European, and even if he was it would be stupid to call him a euro-anything. It's very uncreative and overused. Considering the bulk of players that come from Europe, it's very dumb to use Euro as a prefix. It would be like using "Ameri" to describe and American hockey player.
  2. Grigorenko

    Do we have to call Grigorenko a euro-anything?? It just sounds stupid, and on top of that it doesn't make sense. Russia is not in Europe, and Grigorenko is from Russia. Look at a map.
  3. Last year's London Knights

    the messier thing was a joke. I didn't realize how hard it is to catch sarcasm through typing, but you could've figured it out based on the content of my post. The flames will make the playoffs this year, and they are more solid at net than your beloved wings ( and their goalie that likes letting in 90 footers at playoff time).
  4. Last year's London Knights

    Yeah, the wings haven't drafted many WHL players at all, so you really can't judge. And Calgary in the past few years has been able to draft two-way players, guys that aren't afraid to hit. And they've been able to do this without an $80 million payroll. I love the wings, but I love hockey more, and the bias in these forums is insane. The wings got beat by a stronger, faster team that actually hits and has players that aren't all decrepit old men. Hopefully the new NHL will force Ken Holland into making better moves than what he's done in recent years. Derian Hatcher, Steve Thomas, Ray Whitney, 16 million dollars in two goalies past their prime. Maybe he can try and pursue Mark Messier. I loved the wings for their drafting of guys like Konstantinov, Marty Lapointe, Fedorov, Lidstrom. I knew it was over when they traded for Wendel Clark. Hopefully there will be no more dumbass free agent moves. Give me 80 million, and I'll win you a stanley cup

    Keep Russians out of cars!
  6. Last year's London Knights

    Being deprived of hockey last year, I checekd out a few OHL games. At one of the games in Plymouth, I met Dave Lewis who was walking around aimlessly, likely scouting. The London Knights were stacked last year ( a huge understatement), and most of the team has already been drafted. Rob Schremp was a high draft pick, but Cory Perry and Dylan Hunter are the guys that should one day make an impact. Then again, they were playing the plymouth whalers, but Perry made my jaw drop more than once last year. And western Canada yields great hockey players, the wings should draft there more often. Just draft the Calgary Hitmen like the flames do every year.